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  • Ideal Draft

    What are ya'll's ideal drafts for the Vikes?

    Mine personally would be us taking Laron Landry with our pick at seven, followed by a tradeup to the latter part of the first to pick up Dwayne Bowe.

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    1. Gaines Adams
    2. Anthony Gonzalez
    3. John Wendling
    4. Some OL


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      Provided we stay at Vikings "dream" draft goes a little
      somethin like this.

      1st round - Brady Quinn - QB / Norte Dame
      (I'd also be happy with Gaines Adams, LaRon Landry or if
      we traded down Pat Willis, Aaron Ross, Any of the top 4 safety's,
      Greg Olsen, Dwayne Bowe, or Robert Meechem or
      if by some miracle we trade upCalvin Johnson)

      2nd round - Jason Hill - WR / Washington State
      I'd also be happy with Sidney Rice, Ben Grubbs, David Harris, Lamar Woodley (Who I believe would be a great edge rush specialst (think Lance Johnstone)),Dewayne Jarrett, Or Eric Wright

      3rd round - Tim Crowder - DE / Texas
      I'd be alright with Daymeion Hughes, Anthony Spencer, Ben Patrick,Steve Smith,
      Zach Miller, or Manny Rameriez

      4th round - Craig "Buster" Davis - WR / LSU
      I'd be okay with Buster Davis, Eric Weddle, Tim Duckworth, Antonio Pittman, or Courtney Taylor

      Past the 5th is really a crap shoot..but here's the rest of my wish list
      5th round - Brandon Mebane - DT / California
      6th round - Corey Graham - CB / New Hampshire
      7th round - Dekek Stanley - WR / Wisconsin-Whitewater
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        I'm not sure who I'd want if we stay at #7. I'd prefer to trade down. Just for the hell of it, I'll make up a fake trade. The Bills trade their #12 and #74 for our #7 to grab AP. I know it's a little off, but I'll do it anyways.

        That gives us:

        1(12) -- WR

        2 (41) -- Brandon Meriweather

        3(72) -- Daymieon Hughes

        3(74) -- Andrae Allison

        4 -- Lorenzo Booker

        5 --Brandon Mebane

        6 -- Dan Mozes

        Unrealistic, but it was fun to write up. A couple of stud WRs are added to the mix, Andrae Allison and the 1st rounder. Brandon Meriweather (or one of the other top safeties) might be there at #41, and could be a replacement for Darren Sharper. Despite not thinking we need a CB, I've warmed up to Scott's projected pick of Daymieon Hughes; he and Meriweather could help bolster our secondary. I think Booker is going to be a stud. Mebane could be a quality Tampa-2 penetrating DT. We don't really have a backup center, and while Mozes may suck he could maybe be a servicable backup.
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          Hrmm... There are 2 drafts for this. The "Ideal" draft we get CJ, thats almost certainly not happening. The 2nd most Ideal draft we get JT, also not happening.

          So with reality considered...
          1st Round - Brady Quinn/LaRon Landry - One of these two should be available, if both are, Quinn first. If both arent it becomes Peterson.
          2nd Round - Brandon Meriweather - Becomes a WR if we land Landry(anyone but Ginn will do).
          3rd Round - Arron Sears/Justin Blalock/WR/LB/Daymeion Hughes - Basically the best OL available if its a legit 3rd round talent(no reaching). If it goes Quinn and Meriweather in the first 2 then WR(Ideally Gonzo, Hill or Smith). If all gone then a LB or Daymeion Hughes.
          4th Round - Zac DeOssie - If we dont take a LB in the 3rd and he is still around.
          5th Round - Lorenzo Booker - Has the ability to at least be a good ST and change of pace guy. Has the potential to be much more.
          6th Round - Brandon Mebane - Good DT prospect with the potential to improve on where he is at and replace Pat in a couple of years.
          7th Round - WR - Ideally someone with good size(6'2-6'4) with reliable hands. Probably someone who is drafted almost entirely on potential of what they might do. Colston type.

          I dont like Ginn or Russell if they are available because they basically remind me of what we have. Ginn should make a very good ST guy but I see Dante Hall all over him. Russell is basically a taller and more experienced TJ, why bother when I dont think that TJ is the answer. For me the biggest problems are at WR and OL. They are also the most addressable in this draft.

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            barring the ideal situation where the Vikes trade down (or trade for CB) here's what i would like to see

            1. LaRon Landry (or Gaines Adams if Bears get 6 and take Landry)
            2. Sidney Rice (or Jason Hill if Rice is gone)
            3. Manuel Ramirez (or Mansfield Wrotto if Ramirez is gone)

            couldnt ask for a much better draft than that!


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              I would love to see the Vikes draft go like this:

              1st-Gaines Adams
              2nd-Sid Rice
              3rd-Michael Bush


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                1- Gaines Adams DE/LaRon Landry S
                2- Sidney Rice WR
                3- Jason Hill WR
                4- Manuel Rameriez OG
                5- Lorenzo Booker RB
                6- Brandon MeBane DT
                7-Travarous Bain CB

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                  I wish we would trade our 1st and 3rd round picks this year and a conditional next year to move up to the 3rd spot and take CJ. Then in the 2nd take Zach Miller.
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                    RD1PK7: LaRon Landry, S, LSU
                    RD2PK41: Sidney Rice, WR, South Carolina
                    RD3PK72: Paul Williams, WR, Fresno St.
                    RD4PK102: Lorenzo Booker, RB, Florida St.
                    RD5PK136: Kasey Studdard, G, Texas
                    RD6PK167: Justin Hickman, DE, UCLA
                    RD7PK198: Keith Jackson, DT, Arkansas
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                      Nobody else thinks that Bush would be a steal in the 3rd round? I think he would give the Vikes a good power back option and maybe take some wear and tear off of Taylor. If he is there in the 3rd round I would be quite upset if the Vikes didnt atleast entertain the thought. I too would love to see us trade up and get CJ but I dont see it happening. If the Bears jump up to #6 there is a great chance that Adams falls to us and that would be a better pick for us right now than Landry.


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                        i actually really like bush's potential and he would be a great pick in the 3rd, imo if he never got hurt this year hed be above marshawn lynch as the #2 back available

                        i wouldnt mind him at all in the 3rd, but if ramirez is there, hed also be a steal and would be awesome for us at RG


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                          If he's somehow available, I'd love for them to take Adrian Peterson. Yes, Chet Taylor did a nice job last year. Imagine these two complimenting each other. And since AP proved that he's a pretty good receiver, you could move him all around the field.


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                            1st Round: Brady Quinn, QB
                            2nd Round: Sidney Rice, WR
                            3rd Round: Ikaika Alama-Francis, DE
                            4th Round: Clark Harris, TE
                            5th Round: Kasey Studdard, OG
                            6th Round: A.J. Davis, CB
                            7th Round: Steve Breaston, WR
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                              1st: LaRon Landry, S
                              2nd: Sidney Rice, WR
                              3rd: Aundre Allison, WR
                              4th: Brian Robinson, DE
                              5th: Martrez Milner, TE
                              6th: Nate Harris, MLB
                              7th: Mike Otto, T



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