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Drafting a WR in round 1?

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  • Drafting a WR in round 1?

    Do you think it would be smart for the Vikings to maybe trade down, get another pick or 2 and maybe get one of the 1st round WR. It's one of our most glaring holes, and there are alot of good WR projected to go in the first. I deffinatly wouldn't mind seeing Dwayne Jarrett as a minnesota viking. And then we could use our extra picks and help cover other holes that we have.

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    I thought it was a good plan, but I like the idea of getting an elite defensive player at 7, and then looking for a reciever in the second round amd maybe later.


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      im really like this idea:

      if quinn is available, we can maybe get a first and 2nd from carolina for #7

      at #14, we could take Meachem, then at #41 we could take Rice/Jarret/Smith

      get 2 of the top 10 WRs in this draft and add a ton of youth, talent and potential to our ugly looking WR core

      this still alows the vikes to grab an OG/OT with the other 2nd pick we get from carolina and we could go after Hughes in the 3rd (who i think has unjustly dropped lately) and get Marvin White (who i think is going to be a great safety) in the 4th


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        If somehow Quinn AND Landry are both available at 7, I'd love for us to trade down with Atlanta and pick up one of their "extra" day 1 picks.
        Atlanta would get the player they really want, we'd get the QB we need
        and we'd be able to pick up either another day 1 WR , possibly a RT prospect (a real one not a New Mexico center with terrible footwork) or
        a solid D talent (LB /S/CB).


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          I would love to trade down because I think this team has a lot of holes to fill and could really gain from moving down and acquiring an additional first round pick. Unfortunately, I think it's probably a pipe dream with little chance of actually happening.
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            I would be glad to get a WR in round one, only not at #7 unless CJ magically falls to us, which won't happen. Trading down, though, and getting someone like Bowe would be nice. But we probably should just take BPA at 7....


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              Hey all long time reader first time poster

              I think unless it's CJ we might as well wait till the second. With the depth a few value guys are sure to fall. Even the third round has some interesting possibilities. I dunno, i'd hate to see us draft 2 first round wrs in 3 years.


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                I think the consensus on here is that unless CJ falls that we're more likely to trade down out of 7 and then take a WR or just wait til the later rounds. Personally I want value (taking the best talent regardless of position) at every spot we pick, especially with the first 3 picks.

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                  i wouldnt really mind trading down and picking up a WR in the 1st such as bowe but would much rather wait until the second round there is bound to be some round 1 WR talent that falls to us there.


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                    I like the idea of trading down with Carolina but I am struggling giving up a strong d back at the 7th. Our pass defense was horrible last year. I would love to see Landry or Hall in purple next year. Our receiving corp is serviceable and we could get someone like Rice in the second.
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                      On a side note, with Jarrett's stock falling lately is the consensus that he's still a first rounder? I remember when every mock had him going in the top 10, sometimes before we even got a shot at him. If we could pick him up in the second that'd be pretty tempting. He might not have the blazing speed, but I don't see the Mike Williams comparison so much. He's much better at getting separation and running his routes. Besides, speed isn't everything, ask Troy.


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                        Yea he didnt have a great pro day workout but i highly doubt that he falls out of the first round just because of it i would be happy if he fell to us in the second though. i think he will go anywhere from 20-41


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                          i know last night i made a mock draft really quick last night and Jarret is gone out of the 1st but thats just my idea. i had ginn falling to 30.

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                            Originally posted by Severe Punishment View Post
                            I think the consensus on here is that unless CJ falls that we're more likely to trade down out of 7 and then take a WR or just wait til the later rounds. Personally I want value (taking the best talent regardless of position) at every spot we pick, especially with the first 3 picks.

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                            I don't think you trade down any more than you would to get the guy you want at #7 to start with, because there are at least 10 impact players in this draft. We don't have to trade down to take a WR, we pick high enough in the 2nd round to get a quality WR.

                            Either we trade up for C.J, which we all know is a pipe dream, because it makes too much sense to turn a few good players (if we don't blow the picks) into a great player that can impact our offense positively in the mold of a Randy Moss, or we stand pat and get a guy like Peterson, Anderson, Branch, or whomever they think will start for the better part of a decade.

                            Would you really want to give up a possible stud defensive starter on a crapshoot groups of WRs like Meachem, Bowe, Ginn, Jarrett, Rice or whatever?


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                              Simply put sounds like we all agree if his first name isnt Calvin and his last name isnt johnson he isnt worthy of a first round pick. Jarrett is another usc head case, Meachum is a possession receiver, and ginn is the same guy we cant find any use for now in williamson.

                              Not to mention of those three could slide to the second round. all of them have issues, Ginn and jarrett both have premadonna issues while Meachum isnt consistant enough to be considered a first rounder. If all we are going to do is trade down a nd gamble get the cards back on the phone and trade for fitzgerald **** atleast we know we are getting a quality young stud who wants to be a viking anyway. Or trade the pick to seattle and get a proven comidity.



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