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    If my memory serves me correctly he Burleson also was injured.
    I have never said Jackson sucks I said that im not rue Im ready to turn the keys over to a guy who lost his college gig to a a guy who wasnt good enough to even play the position in the nfl. It seems a little hard for me to turn a positive spin on that. Unlike some Im being realistic. I also believe that competition breeds championships. And I really doubt competeting for a job is going to Ruin the guys confidence and if it does is he the right guy in the first place. Being an ex athlete I always welcomed competition I felt the better the comp the higher my level Of competitiveness. I think most people who played do.


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      lol @ "ex athlete"....4th grade chess team doesn't constitute "athlete"


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        Originally posted by Kid_Ego View Post
        I do believe jackson is a second year player now dipshit
        second this is in one years time he has done this much damage how long should we keep him?

        Well once he takes your boy meachum and hes a bust and he will be maybe wilf will maybe see the light

        And finally nate burleson would of by far been our best receiver and he was more consitant then koren robinson. Again I point out Production not fantasy numbers. Its obvious your a HOMER thats great but wake up and smell the coffee the man has done more damage to this team then even Dennis Green was able to do in ten years. Atleast with Denny we had a qb. Now we have a qb who got beat out at qb by the jags number 5 receiver wow how does that make ya feel.

        Oh yeah your Brad's son so it makes ya proud of pops. Hes the best thing that happened to the Lions Bears and Packers since Tampa Bay left!!!!!
        you obviously dont know what your talking about it hurts my brain to try to comprehend some the bs that spews from your mouth


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          Originally posted by Severe Punishment View Post
          lol @ "ex athlete"....4th grade chess team doesn't constitute "athlete"
          that gave me a good laugh... if it would let me i would give you more rep for that one lol


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            Wow all this from the man with man crush. Im sure you lettered in interior design



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