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  • Draft crunch time...

    Everybody post your Vikes mock drafts in these waning days before the draft. Sorry if there was already a thread about this, didn't see one specifically for Viking mock drafts.

    Here is mine w/out trades:

    1/7 - Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma: This isn't necessarily the pick I would make, but rather what I think might occur. Zygi could see AP as an attraction to the fans, while Childress could see him as BPA. I'm scared of his injuries/durability and upright running style, especially with the revelation of his lingering collarbone injury. Personally, I want to trade down as I don't really think the value of the #7 pick really fits with our needs.

    2/41 - Sydney Rice, South Carolina: I really like him, he is smooth and has great ball skills and only 20 years old. I think he has better potential to start than guys like Steve Smith and Anthony Gonzales, though he may be a bit more raw.

    3/72 - Ryan McBean, Oklahoma: DT is actually a pretty big need for us, as Pat and Kevin Williams are really the onle "true" DTs on the roster. I love McBean's potential in the pros and think he is athletic enough to spell Pat on passing downs and be a factor. Also, there is the Karl Dunbar connection.

    4/106 - Andrae Allison, East Carolina: A lot of you will say he'll be gone by this point, but I think he could pretty easily slip to day 2. I think some analysts are putting too much stock in his Senior Bowl practice week in regards to his draft value, whereas front offices may have him pegged later. Either way, I love him and would love to get a shot at him on day 2.

    5/146 - Earl Everett: Our backup LBers are a huge need for this team, as nobody behind EJ/Leber/Greenway are guys that I would ever want to see the field with the base defense on Sundays. Everrett is athletic and I think projects nicely to the Tampa-2. He seems to be flying under the radar.

    6/182 - Kasey Studdard, Texas: From a championship team. I think he is being overlooked just like Mark Setterstrom was overlooked last year. You saw what Setterstrom did for the Rams, and I think this could be the same type of pick.

    7/217 - Jacob Ford, Central Arkansas: Sleeper DE with good tools who could provide some speed of the edge which we don't have with our current crop of ends.
    "Kenny Phillips has the body of Sean Taylor and the speed and knowledge of Ed Reed"

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    This probably could have gone under Forum Mock Thread.

    1 - Adrian Peterson - Oklahoma - RB - Most likely now with the Injury talk he will fall to us and he should be fine before week one or even in preseaon. He is a great runner and a game breaker and will help this team alot with the 2 running back system we could set up with him.

    2 - Sidney Rice - South Carolina - WR - It could be him or Dwayne Jarret it just depends if Jarret could fall to us before a team like Dolphins/Bears take him. Sidney Rice is very expolsive and could be our #1 with Troy on the other side.

    3 - LaMar Woodley - Michigan - DE - A good Cover 2 DE that would bring a pass rush theart from the side. Very quick for his size and would be a great DE for our Tampa 2.

    4 - Paul Williams - Fresno State - WR - Nice frame and long arms would be another receiver that could help us.

    5 - Allen Barbre - Missouri Southern St. - OT - Great Speed for an OT and would be a good fit in our Zone Block scheme that needs quick Lineman that can block on the run.

    6 - Courtney Brown - Cal Poly - CB - Very Fast and a very good size and a great leaper and could become our Nickel Back.

    7 - Jeremy Clark - Alabama - DT - Good size and good speed and quickness.

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      *** 1/7 - (TRADE DOWN WITH DALLAS)................*
      *** 1/22 Robert Meachem / WR/ Tennesse...........*

      As much as I want Quinn to be there, I don't think he will be.
      Plus I don't think Childress has the stones to ante up and take him even
      if he was there. I can't see the Vikings taking a Rb with so many injury
      concerns no matter how many "draft experts" have already enshrined him in canton.
      The Vikings are no where near a top 10 pick away from being a legit
      contender. This scenario allows them to trade down and stockpile talent.
      Then next year the group from this year and last will have SOME form
      of self and we'll be able to choose players to "complete the puzzle".
      ......My thinking with the trade down that far is ,
      we'd likely get Dallas'
      1st this year, 2nd this year, 6th this year
      and a 1st or 2nd next year.
      Not only is that "too good to pass up" I believe Jerry Jones
      is desperate for that "missing piece" which , in his head,
      could very well be that deep pass defense.
      If Landry is on the board this is almost automatic in my book.
      Denver is also an option as would San Diego.
      Meachem is a legit burner who can catch. He's got great size
      , and character. he's modest and great. Sounds perfect for

      ** 2/41 - Jarvis Moss / DE / Florida.....................*

      I can't see him as a legit 1st round talent. He's light and
      there's questions as to whether he can hold up for 3 downs.
      I can see him as a situational pass rusher. Much like Lance Johnstone
      used to be for us.

      ********************************.***************** ***
      ** 2/53 - (From Dallas) - Manuel Rameriez / OG / Texas Tech....*
      ************************************************** ***

      As bad as Ryan Cook was last year..Artis Hicks was worse.
      Hicks lead the line in penalties and if there was a stat kept
      for missed blocks he'd have lead there too. Rameriez is a punisher
      who , if he gets his hands on you, it's over.
      Right side help is an absolute must.

      ** 3/72 - Jacoby Jones / WR / Lane...*

      The "hottest" WR prospect outside of the top 7. Jones tore up
      inferior competition...that's no impressive. But his size & athletisism
      are to good to pass on. If Bollinger or Jackson is to be the man
      we're going to have to give him something other than
      the WR batch we currently have.

      ** 4/106 - Brandon Mebane / DT / California.......*

      Having 3 DT's total isn't suitable. Jayme Mitchell filling in
      for big Pat last year cost the team big yards, sustained drives,
      and eventual points. A "plug" to insert when either Williamson gets
      winded. Has decent upside IMO also.

      ** 5/146 - Brandon Frye / OT / Virginia Tech........*

      One of my personal fav's. Frye is an extemely underrated physical "knocker"
      (knock you on your ass) with decent footspeed. lacks experience
      but so does Cook. And Frye has better skills suited for a RT.

      ** 6/182 - Kenny Scott / CB / Georgia Tech......*

      3 things. 1.) his speed. One of the faster DB's in the entire
      draft. 2.) his big frame and long arms will help hide mistakes.
      and 3.) You can't go up against Calvin Johnson every day for 3 years
      and not at least get a glimpse of what it's going to take to succeed
      at the next level. 3 year starter...not dynamic or a playmaker, but
      is good enough to learn how to be in position to knock balls down or shield
      the ball from the recievers.

      **6/200 - (From Dallas) / / Selvin Young / RB / Texas...*

      A smaller 3rd down kind of back who could help out returning
      kicks. Not as good a prospect as Mewelde Moore ...but IMO very similar. Decent hands good vision, okay speed. has a nose for
      the goal line.

      ** 7/217 - Dedrick Harrington / ILB/ Mizzu.....*

      Run stopper who could be a situational insert for goal line sets or
      special teams.


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        3/72 - Ryan McBean, Oklahoma: DT

        Swagger, McBean is an Oklahoma STATE guy. The only reason I am bringing this up is because the last OK State DT we drafted turned out pretty well. I think its a good pick.
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          Originally posted by amesbear View Post
          3/72 - Ryan McBean, Oklahoma: DT

          Swagger, McBean is an Oklahoma STATE guy. The only reason I am bringing this up is because the last OK State DT we drafted turned out pretty well. I think its a good pick.
          My bad. That was just a typo. I even mentioned Karl Dunbar in my post, who coached both K-Will and McBean at Oklahoma State.

          I really like McBean. I could really see him coming into his own in the NFL.
          "Kenny Phillips has the body of Sean Taylor and the speed and knowledge of Ed Reed"

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            What I think will happen on Day 1.

            1. LaRon Landry

            2. Aaron Ross

            3. Johnnie Lee Higgins

            4. Brandon Mebane



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              Aaron Ross in the 2nd is my "ideal" pick.
              I'd probably be happier with Ross than either Peterson, Jammal Anderson, Levi Brown or Leon Hall in the first.


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                Texas CBs in the second round 2 years in a row haha



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                  I forget where I heard this ...but the Vikings were going to start taking "players from schools filled with a tradition of winning".
                  Which made sense with Greenway and Griffin last year.
                  I guess that belief must only be for the first 2 picks because after that
                  New Mexico ? D1-AA ?

                  I don't understand how ,with all the double talk this administration does , aren't they called on it more often.


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                    Either some one from this site stole my idea...or I have an evil twin
                    somewhere who shares the same mental wave length as I.


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                      Grubbs in the 2nd round - gimme a break, we picked up 2 OG's in free agency, didnt anyone else watch that? and then no MLB until the 3rd? dump the OG, and grab Durant or Harris instead, and personally instead of QB in the 2nd, get a CB/s and get the Qb if you want (which i doubt, with next years QB class) in the 3rd.


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                        wow I thought williamson was a reach and now meachum who has no history of even being a decent receiver. I would rather take a known commodity


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                          well with my prediction im going to go in a different direction than the consensus LaRon Landry or Adrian Peterson...

                          The worst kept secret in this years draft is how much gruden Likes Calvin Johnson, But i believe the best kept secret in this years draft is just how much Childress likes Calvin Johnson himself all the interest in Peterson, Quinn, and Landry is all a smoke screen intended to give the bucs a false sense of security that Calvin will fall to them at #4. There has been a lot of talk about the bucs trading from #4 to #2 but that would consist of there first rounder and both there seconds in this years draft which i believe is too expensive for Bruce allen's(their GM) taste so the trade won't happen. It's also said that if the bucs dont trade the Lions are content taking Calvin Johnson themselves, although i agree that would be the smart choice there, its not the Millen choice i believe its all a bs smoke screen to try and force the bucs to make the trade... I belive that Speilman will trade 1(7) 2(41) and a future 2nd to move up to #3

                          1(3):Calvin Johnson WR
                          3(72): Quentin Moses DE
                          4(106):Ryan McBean DT
                          5(145):Kenny Scott CB
                          6(182):Mike Walker WR
                          7(217):Mike Jones G
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                            My true beliefs for our draft:
                            1) Laron Landry
                            2) Steve Smith - ICK!!! I really would hate this, but I see it coming
                            3) Charles Johnson
                            4) Dan Santucci
                            5) Michael Coe - ASU all the way!
                            6) Derek Landri
                            7) Gary Russell - Ha!

                            Note, this is what I see happening, not necessarily what I want to happen.
                            SKOL VIKINGS!


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                              1. LaRon Landry
                              2. Sidney Rice
                              3. Victor Abiamiri
                              4. HB Blades

                              or if we're being realistic here...
                              1. LaRon Landry
                              2. Eric Weddle
                              3. Aaron Rouse
                              4. Joel Filani
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