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Minnesota Vikings Draft Day Thread

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  • Minnesota Vikings Draft Day Thread

    Hello everyone. Let's talk about what happens in here!

    Round 1: RB Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma

    Round 2: WR Sidney Rice, South Carolina

    Round 3: CB Marcus McCauley, Fresno State

    Round 4: DE Brian Robison, Texas

    Round 5: WR Aunrae Allison, East Carolina

    Round 6: LB Rufus Alexander, Oklahoma

    Round 7: QB Tyler Thigpen, Coastal Carolina

    Round 7: WR Chandler Williams, Florida International

    My overall grade: B
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    Ad! Yeahh!


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      **** this team. We are ******* garbage directed by ******* garbage headed for a ******* garbage ass future.


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        HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA for Severe Punishment.
        "Kenny Phillips has the body of Sean Taylor and the speed and knowledge of Ed Reed"

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          Originally posted by swagger View Post
          HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA for Severe Punishment.
          haha foreal, now that bum can get over his man love for brady.


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            Safe pick from a Childress perspective I think (over taking another QB, admitting his mistake then trying to develop him and the WR group, this way, pure pounding the ball behind the left side). Dont mind it at all.
            What if everyone simultaneously disobeys?
            It aint a game if no one plays, oh.


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              ? why exactly is it "hahahah" for me ?

              All I've ever said is I wanted value at 7. A.D. gives us decent value there.....of course, I agree with the concensus that he's not a guy that
              will hold up over the span of a season. I expect he'll be injured by week 12.

              And yeah, I wanted Quinn and think he'd have been a much better value
              at 7, but to say "hahaha" is a typical Minnesota fan response.
              The same fans that booed Daunte Culpepper and Kevin Williams
              and boasted about how Chris Hovan and Troy Williamson would be "sure bets" to make Pro Bowls.

              I've learned that for the most part to ignore what Viking fans "want" because they're uneducated on what it takes to create a winner.

    , on A.D. IF and that's a GIANT IF ...if he stays healty, he will be a very good weapon for this team. To bad we still don't have a passing attack to take pressure off of the running game.


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                Am I the only one who is devastated that we took Rice when Jarrett was still available. Ill admit that hurt me a little. Typical Vike pick.

                At least we took AD, would have preferred Quinn, but Peterson is a good pickup.

                Props to BK on the sig!


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                  Jarrett is going to have a very tough time in the league.I do like the McCauley pick...would've prefered Dameion Hughes as I think his skill better transistions to the Tampa 2...but McCauley is a very good prospect as well..All in all I like the areas we addressed today. Got good value at 1, got the WR we desperately needed in 2 and took a guy who could be groomed to take over for Winfield at 3.Solid effort so far...time will tell if this day 1 was worth passing on a potentialQB, and if we took the "right" WR.


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                    Loving the first day, probably not going to be able to watch the second day since I have a doubleheader tomorrow. We have two fourth round selections so looking forward to that.


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                      Awesome 1st day IMO

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                        I give today's draft a B+. If RB had actually been a need, I'd say an A.

                        But hopefully we see a lot of this:


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                          Can't say I'm too upset with day one. I like AD. Still can't decide if we made the right choice. I like Rice. Jarret would have been nice but I think Rice is quicker. His cuts seem tighter and his acceleration also seems better. Addressing the DB situation was an obvious need and we made a solid pick. Pretty good for the third round anyway. I am upset Paul Williams got away. I just liked the way he played. I'll be looking forward to day 2.
                          Why can't Chris Doleman be immortal? That's all I want.


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                            You guys had, by far, the best day IMHO. 3 Day 1 starters if they come in working "All Day."

                            Atlanta came in second.... not sure what they went WR for with all the number 1s they have invested in WR.

                            First day champs = Vikings.


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                              We are going to regret passing on Quinn. But I didnt hate today like I expected.



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