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Drae Allison & Sidney Rice

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    Originally posted by tylere0814 View Post
    Competant? Good question, before the draft i'd say no. But they've shown to me that they know what we need, and pick the BPA at every pick

    This is the first time i've felt good about next season since week10
    what made you feel so good on week 10, we lost to the packers 17-23

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      Carter didnt have burst? Uhm maybe his last 3-4 years, Chris carter was at very least in the top 5 receivers of all time In my opinion the number 2-3. He ran the routes he was asked to run. He ran them as well as any player during his era. And to say Chris Carter was a finese receiver is saying jerry rice was a possesion receiver. Uhm the man was a phyiscal freak, he was a huge receiver who constantly broke tackles, and busted the jam as well as any player in the history of the game. The only weakness in his game was he served during the Dennis Green Era where we rarely had the same qb 2 years in a row, With some of the fill ins being
      Shawn Salisubry?
      Rich Ganon
      Jim McMahon
      brad johnson?
      Not to mention Culpepper Moon Cunningham George Bowen
      While Rice had 2 HOF's
      Harrison 1 HOF'S
      Your argument just makes no sense to me The minnasota vikings have been very fortunate to have elite wide outs for most of the last 20 years,


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        A little side note about Sidney Rice: Arkansas Cornerback Chris Houston's stock rose when he shut down receivers such as Dwayne Jarrett, Dwayne Bowe and Robert Meachem. However Chris Houston couldn't handle Sidney Rice when Arkansas played South Carolina. Coincidence?
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          i think it should be noted that you guys probably have the best left side offensive line in the league, and overall one of the best, with 2 great RB's who can produce...on top of that, at QB and WR, their strengths are a strong arm at QB, and if nothing else speed to stretch the field at WR...

          i think alot of those WR's should be able to get downfield and have alot of open deep looks...ala the falcons, when they did decide to pass, white and jenkins had alot of chances for deep ball opportunities....

          so even though the WR's may not be the best overall group, or be able to do alot of different things right now, the one thing their good at, actually complements with the rest of the offense really well

          Originally posted by Scott Wright
          I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.



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