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    Tony Dungee ran the exact same defense in minnesota before he ever went to Tampa, The cover 2 was being ran in the 70's by teams like the rams and the vikings, Tony Dungee did absolutely nothing to the defense other then call the plays, I realize the press would really love for you to believe that Tony Dungee their Choir boy of black head caoches had intivated some brand new defense but in reality he didn't,

    Tony Dungee is a great guy he is a very good coach and he was a pretty good player, But seriously folks he isnt Buddy Ryan or Dom Capers, he was simply a pretty good coach who mastered the play calling of one of the oldest least complex defenses of all time, And truth be told Lovie Smith prolly calls a better game then Dungee, If you want innovators of defense please research Buddy Ryan Dom Capers or even Bum Phillips but dont confuse imitation with Intovation


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      The Bears blitz all the time. It's really up to the teams DC and the teams personel as to weather or not u blitz in a cover 2. The new DC says we will be blitzing more so we will wait and see. Just because it's a "cover 2 scheme" doesn't mean you play zone every play.
      There are fans out there who could find out that Brett Favre could run over 14 puppies and they still wouldn't care. They would think he was still the greatest thing since sliced bread.
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        Applauds jerthemessiah!!!!! Finally someone else who has a freaking clue.


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          Originally posted by Severe Punishment View Post
          Fred Smoot was just fine as a nickel , CB's were not the problem
          Uh, I don't know what games you were watching, but Smoot was the opposite of "just fine".
          Originally posted by Severe Punishment View Post
 was lack of a pass rush, Champ Bailey would look like Rufus Bess with our "pass rush" please stop thinking a 3rd round kid with upside is instantly better than a seasoned vet like Smoot.
          I'm not saying he's instantly better than Smoot, but Smoot played like garbage last year. Yes, our pass rush was pitiful, but when teams throw the ball the entire game, its not easy to stop. I thought our secondary wasn't that bad (apart from Smoot). Since you seem so willing to defend Smoot, why was he replaced by a 2nd round rookie CB? If he was such a seasoned vet, there would be no need to replace him. I don't see how its so illogical to assume that McCauley can't come in and play like a first round pick. Obviously there is an "if" factor, of if he can return to his junior season's form, but its not that far out.


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            First off id like to again point out we dont need great corners to play the cover 2, they have help on virtually every snap, So over paying smoot who was less then average and doesnt like to tackle an essential part of the cover 2, not to mention the last time i checked the idea of the cover to is to limit the amount of plays where extra dbs are on the field in the first freaking place makes paying a third corner who makes starter money a Smoot point. lol sorry couldnt resist. Again proving that if we could only buy you for what your worth and sell you for what you think your worth then we would all have smoot like signing bonus's.



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