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  • Our Record This Year

    What do you think our record will be this year?
    0-16 to 3-13
    4-12 to 6-10
    7-9 to 9-7
    10-6 to 12-4
    13-3 to 16-0

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    You've guys' made some nice upgrades this season. Also, with AP, you guys' should squeak out 8 wins.

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      6-10 again. Jackson is getting his first full year as astarter. Peterson is just a rookie. They might be starting a rookie WR. The year after this one there should be more of a turn around. My guess is as good as anybodies at this point. Who really knows.
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        I've gone for 4-12 and 6-10 option.

        Way I look at it is we have not upgraded at DE, we downgraded at LB unless Greenway can go stud from day 1 and we still have serious safety issues but defense is not the problem.

        Offensively we are worse at QB, WR and TE. We are just as bad at RG and RT and the same at LT, LG and C. So our line isnt improved. Basically to improve, Peterson would have to just go ballistic and I dont even see him starting till week 5.

        We should be competitive in most games, our record really could go anywhere from 1 win to 10. I think we can beat Detroit once at least. Every other game I would probably say we go in as the under dog.

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          Ima hope for a .500 season or better but right now we are rebuilding and with Jackson being young still it will help him and only make him better with Rice and peterson now. I think we go around 6-10 to 9-7 but the 9-7 is a hope. If we can score 23 points a game and we dont give up 250 yrds passing a game we should be fine.

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            Haha, props to the guy who voted 13-3 to 16-0.

            I'm still not really decided yet. I think we could really flop (if TJack plays bad we won't win too many games) or really shine. I think 8 wins is not out of the question, but probably won't happen. I'm just hoping our young offensive playmakers step up for us.

            On the other hand, our defense only got better, so who knows?


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              I honestly dont feel we need an upgrade at DE I feel if the players we have stay healthy that will make a huge diffrence, Db i think we upgraded, and Im not sure EJ is a lock for mlb If it were me id put greenway there that is where he projects well in the cover with his coverage skills, he covers like a safty, i dont know why if something isnt broke youd fix it, EJ played great last season and Im not sure id tinker to much with him,

              Our OL is young on the right side but Im not willing to write them off yet, Our QB Scares me Our wide outs scare me Our running game should be pretty good, Our TE we are ok at best. 6-10 maybe 8-8


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                I think its still a little bit early to be to sure of anyhing i need to see from the pre-season how our offense comes together and just how healthy Peterson really is but i think 8-8, 9-7, or 10-6 isnt out of the realm of possibility but more realistically im going with 7-9 at the moment


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                  I'm going to say 6-10. Our QB situation can't be any worse than it was last year.



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                    im guessing about 7-9 just because we have such a hard schedule. If we had and easier schedule i think we could easily go 9-7. The way I look at is, if erasmus james can get healthy we will have 3 more 1st round draft picks than we had last year, we replaced our old washed up wr corps with some young guns and exchanged our old immoble QB for a 2nd year QB with a big arm (not to mention he averaged more than 5 yards per carry).

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                      Well lets hope he doesnt have to average 5 yrds per carry this year.
                      I think this season could bring good things for Williamson, The rookie wideouts I dont expec much from, But Our OL should start to show progress with johnson and cook being a year older. and we should have 2000 yds of rushing from our stable of backs.


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                        7-9. Seriously to the people that are questioning Tavaris Jackson. Can he possibly be worse than Brad Johnson? I think not. At least Jackson can throw the ball more than 20 yards downfield. Maybe he'll even throw it past the first down marker on third down a couple times. who knows. Yeah, im bitter



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