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How do you guys think the Giants will do?

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    Originally posted by trkaline View Post
    Exactly he is a Manning, Because of the bar his brother has set they expect alot more from him. If he had any other name it wouldn't be like that, hype caused from having a Superstar for a brother and not living up to that stadard yet=overhyped...
    Yeah but it's not like he is getting attention for anything but bad reasons. because of the factors I listed in the previous post above, he gets ripped on by people unfairly. At this point it's semantics. He may be talked about way too much, but I would say he isnt hyped in a good way. In college he was a sick player, and now had two above avg seasons for a young qb, but still needs to progress. If people saw the positive in his play and stats he isnt as bad as some qbs that come into a system where they are asked to throw alot.


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      Definantly I agree with that but in the beginning thats how it was and yea its bad now but thats because of the great expectations of being little brother, and thats why he gets mixed review's in the NFL. He has the potential, but the major problem was everyone fitted him with the brand of Golden Boy and thats why he gets all that stuff. He is a solid qb but that right there will shadow his whole career, just like any "High Profile" players that get drafted...


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        off my friend's myspace

        Sep 9 @Dallas 8:15pm
        I think we won't start the season hot and we'll struggle in our opening day loss to dallas, although I personally don't think Wade Phillips is much of a head coach and I have questions about how their Oline will gel, but those quality running backs and D should be enough to beat us.

        Sep 16 Green Bay 1:00pm
        Our first win will come in our first home game, while Green Bay has a great future along the oline and on the defensive side of the ball, on Offense I'm not sold on Morency at all and Favre can only throw Jennings and Driver so many bullets before bad things happen.

        Sep 23 @Washington 4:15pm
        I really like our chances against a washington team that still won't be good against the pass or have the size up front to stuff Brandon Jacobs, Fletcher will help but with his age he has lost some mobility and so may still be getting comfortable in Greg Williams' scheme.

        Sep 30 Philadelphia 8:15pm
        I got no idea on this one, they have a better oline, more explosive running game and a better QB, but I still don't think they have the size on D to stop Jacobs and so Jacobs should help free up Eli to find Plax and Sinorice deep. So I'm leaning philly but if we pulled it out I wouldn't be shocked.

        Oct 7 N.Y. Jets 1:00pm
        I like the jets a lot but their defense still has to rush the passer better and on O they've gotta keep Pennington upright, Osi and Strahan on the edges may be too much for D'Brickashaw and Clements. With us on O i think that Shockey should have a big day.

        Oct 15 @Atlanta 8:30pm
        We should beat the falcons and their smaller, speedier defense, but their offense should be terrible.

        Oct 21 San Francisco 1:00pm
        Personally I still feel the 9ers are a year away. On defense I think that Nate Clements is by far the most over-rated CB in the league, judging by his monster contract, he isn't nearly as good at sticking to receivers as you'd think. The defense also is somewhat lacking along the defensive line and safety is still a big concern. On O i think that their RBs will be very successful next year but I could see AP and our front 7 really slow Gore which would make Alex Smith win the game and with Jackson being inconsistent and Davis being raw he might not be ready to carry them, even against our poor pass D.

        Oct 28 @Miami (London) 12:00pm
        Miami is easily one of the weaker teams in the league as their Oline is simply atrocious despite having gifted youngsters. Ronnie Brown needs to show his top 5 skills this year or face the bust label and Green will be a sitting duck behind this oline. I think Ginn will be a deadly returner but I don't expect too much from him this year so I'd say the easiest win on our schedule.0

        Nov 11 Dallas 4:15pm
        We should know by this time if we're really in a bad way or not, I'll just assume a loss though since I think Ware could make Diehl look foolish and I dunno if Ross and Webster will be able to stick with Glenn and TO long enough for Osi and Strahan to knock out Romo.

        Nov 18 @Detroit 4:15pm
        Detroit is a team really turning themselves around, but if the interior oline doesn't improve and KJ prove himself as a runner this team could be seriously crippled at keeping possession. On D they have a lot of young guys but overall they're just not good enough yet. Shockey and Plax will make their secondary look silly.

        Nov 25 Minnesota 1:00pm
        I like Travaris Jackson but if the Minnesota oline doesn't gel he could be in for a terrible season. Hopefully for him they do gel. If the oline settles Minnesota could be a playoff team despite lacking big play ability on offense, which is good given our secondary's anticipated aptitude to give up the big play. When on O it'll be tough to move the ball for Brandon Jacobs and the running game against the Vikings DTs. This'll be a close fought game but eventually i think our big play ability will be the difference.

        Dec 2 @Chicago 4:15pm
        Unless the oline gels completely and the defense can get pressure from all over this game won't be close. If those things do happen we have a shot to wear down the bears run d with Jacobs and Droughns but I wouldn't bet on it.

        Dec 9 @Philadelphia 1:00pm
        At Philly in december? I have questions about the eagles run d and receivers but I'm still betting on the iggles to beat us.

        Dec 16 Washington 8:15pm
        I just don't see the skins being very good with no pass rush on D. Cambell is a great young QB in the making, but I just don't think he's savvy enough to figure out how to work best with his smallish receivers. Jacobs should rack up big time yardage in this game.

        Dec 23 @Buffalo 1:00pm
        I'll hopefully be at this game as I'm going to move to buffalo soon and should be getting season tickets so I'll get to see first hand how the young bills develop and if they can beat my beloved giants. It should be a good game as I expect the Bills to be dangerous late in the season with losman to Evans going smoother, the oline gelling more and Lynch gaining experience. On D they still need a top DE IMO, but they should be scrappy and make this a good winter game.

        Dec 29 New England 8:15pm
        I really hope we don't need a win here because we're probably lossing this game.

        Overall Record: 9-7
        But we could easily win or loss 2-3 more games depending on Eli's raising to leader status, Diehl's transition to LT, Jacobs reaction to his new work load, and the defenses ability to create pressure before holes in coverage appear.


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          Can't see a loss to the Jets.


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            Pennington is extremely accurate and they're D is very well coached so I agree that that will be a tough game.


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              whenever the giants play the jets in the preseason, they get dominated, it is a preseason game, but i can't see the jets beating the giants.



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