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  • Running Back situation

    What do you feel that we should do regarding our RB situation?

    I think Jacobs definitely deserves to be our featured back. I think it should be a 15/10 kind of thing with Jacobs being 15.

    I dont really want Mcgahee in NY unless we give up very little.

    I think we should look towards the draft. Brian Leonard is a guy who springs to mind. he ran a 4.49 at the combine today. He should be available to get drafted in the second round.

    Using Leonard as FB catching passes and occasionaly running the ball would be a great help to our offense and to Eli Manning. Especially since Jacobs isnt much of a pass catcher. Then we could just pick up a late round RB (5th or 6 round)

    Thats my ideal pick, besides that I would like Darius Walker. Thats about it though.

    If Leonard

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    Well we could throw out a couple of names after the combine, and add a few.

    Tyrone Moss, Gary Russell, Ahmad Bradshaw, Darius Walker all dissappointed.

    Chris Henry and Antonio Pittman became high in my book. Pittman in the second, Henry in the 3rd.

    The Ideal situation would be to trade Joseph, Carter, Webster and our 5th round pick to the Bills for McGahee.


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      The Bills dont want our trash in exchange for Mcgahee


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        Originally posted by GiantRutgersFan View Post
        The Bills dont want our trash in exchange for Mcgahee
        SSHHH!! They don't have to know it's trash.


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          Good news. The WR class just got a bit deeper. If we decide to go a different route in the first two rounds, we can look at Steve Smith, Laurent Robinson, Craig Davis, or Jason Hill in the third round. That's what I love about the combine.


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            I've seen people say Darius Walker dissapointed at the combine? How so? His 4.56 or 4.57 40 is what people expected. Actually some expected worse maybe a 4.65. I haven't seen any of his other numbers except for his vertical which was impressive.


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              Definitely Jacobs should be the feature back but I think a 1st day pick would be ideal. Maybe a Kenny Irons and personally I like Darius Walker.


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                i think jacobs could do a good job with the starting role. what do you guys think about the Mcgahee situation? would you want him in NY and what would you be willing to give up for him


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                  I really don't want McGahee. We don't need another head case who won't train with the team in the offseason. That being said, if the trade goes through without the Giants reaching an extension along with the trade, then McGahee isn't worth a first day pick. This is the last year on the contract and we can't reach a deal to extend him, one year of his service just isn't worth a day one pick. Unless there is some stipulation added similar to the Stallworth deal last year.


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                    ok makes sense.


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                      McGahee would be ok, but i really don't want to trade a first round pick for him, he's got at least three baby's mommas and is in a bad situation. We would probably look for Darius walker or Lorenzo Booker in 3-5 rounds, definately not through free agency unless we get a good price for Rhodes

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                        I, personally, want Lorenzo Booker. Use our 3rd or 4th rounder on him and still be able to give the Jacobs the bulk of the load (20-25 carries a game) while giving Booker around 7-10 a game, using him like the Jets used Leon Washington, as our game breaker out of the backfield here and there.


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                          I want Chris Henry in the 4rth round.


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                            McGahee looks like he has reached his peak. He is not a top 10 NFL RB. He needs the ball 20 to 25 times a game to be effective.

                            Ahman Green can be had for cheaper. Plus there has to be a scat back like Maurice Jones-Drew who is overlooked.


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                              Personally, I want to give Jacobs the full load, really see what he can do, only add a RB in rounds 5-7.

                              If we add someone else that will get a good number of carries, we can't really see how good Jacobs is. If we give him the bulk, and he shows that he can't handle it, I see us picking next year no higher then 15, and able to get someone like Slaton, McFadden, Stewart or Hart.



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