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GB-NYG NFCCG Breakdown

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  • GB-NYG NFCCG Breakdown

    For those that are interested:

    Here is the game breakdown for the NFCCG. I did the Giants offense-GB defense, and listed all the formations for the GB offense, as well as diagramed the plays in the running game and passing game.


    * I count plays with penalties as plays only because the offense and defense are both giving each other a look. So the defense can add another formation to scout during the course of the game, and make adjustments, while the offense can see the defenses alignment, and adjust as well. So because both teams are giving each other a look, I count them as plays.

    * Re: Coverage Composite Section

    I did the coverage composite and listed the coverages for each play. Now for the 1st downs and zones, and everything like that, refer to the page 1, and front composite which I copied again. This saved me time in re-writing the coverages for 90 plays again.

    Giants Running Plays

    Giants Passing Plays

    Green Bay Running Plays

    Green Bay Passing Plays

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    You're my hero, S+M=S. Much thanks for the breakdown.
    Pugnacity, testosterone, truculence, and belligerence.


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      Wow. That's dedication right there. Good work and thanks alot for the breakdown.



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        hey-zeus maria


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          Originally posted by Geo View Post
          You're my hero, S+M=S. Much thanks for the breakdown.
          Haha, glad you like it Geo. This to me is the best part of this sport. Also very interesting to see how the different plays are drawn up.



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