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  • What would you guys think of us drafting Dez Bryant. I know it is highly unlikely, but if he fell to 15 and just about everyone we wanted was gone and we took him, what would be your feelings?



    • Originally posted by OSUGiants17 View Post
      What would you guys think of us drafting Dez Bryant. I know it is highly unlikely, but if he fell to 15 and just about everyone we wanted was gone and we took him, what would be your feelings?
      Personally I wouldn't be hugely upset, he is a legitimate weapon.

      But frankly I don't see it happening


      • Originally posted by Big_Pete View Post
        Traditionally that is the case, but there has been a genuine reluctance to pay the kind of contracts the top picks get. These teams want to trade down.

        Plus Umenyiora is a pro bowl DE and knows Spagnuolo and his system well; plus Osi would be a bargain price $$ wise.

        Looking at the frenzy around Julius Peppers, I think Umenyiora has more trade value than many people expect, particularly with the limited group available in free agency.
        I was being generous, i gave him pick #40 and the same # in the 4th, If we're trading him at the moment, hes probably only getting mid round picks for both rounds.

        If you take money into consideration, you might take out the third, but thats it. Its a steep price. And teams dont want to trade down all the way to 15 unless they get huge compensation


        • Originally posted by OSUGiants17 View Post
          What would you guys think of us drafting Dez Bryant. I know it is highly unlikely, but if he fell to 15 and just about everyone we wanted was gone and we took him, what would be your feelings?
          I would be a bit upset considering we drafted Hakeem Nicks last year with our first. He is an explosive player, but it would be a bit of a waste to get him. I would like it if we drafted someone to fill up a need we have.

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          • Dez Bryant

            Originally posted by OSUGiants17 View Post
            What would you guys think of us drafting Dez Bryant. I know it is highly unlikely, but if he fell to 15 and just about everyone we wanted was gone and we took him, what would be your feelings?
            If our holes on defense weren't as huge, then I would be all for it. If we had signed Rolle and Dansby, then I would be alright with it too. Clearly that is not the case, and I would question Reese's sanity if he made that move. I would to have Dez Bryant, but we can't afford to do it.


            • Thats way too much to give up for 1 guy.

              Id give up our 1st,2nd,3rd and Osi for Suh or McCoy, but nothing more than that.

              Anyway, I'm like 90% sure we're grabbing Spoon at 15. It just makes perfect sense.


              • I'm officially ranking Sean Weatherspoon ahead of Rolando McClain in my personal list of top ILBs.

                I've been analyzing McClain and Spikes to death the past month and a half. And I have them graded the same. In fact, I have Spikes rated slightly higher than McClain bc he makes more plays and is more versatile.

                I've been looking more and more at Spoon, and I think Spoon is better than both Spikes and McClain. So he's #1 on my board.

                Oddly enough, my #1 rated LB isn't any of the 3. Its Daryl Washington. Washington might be the best 4-3 LB in this draft. The problem is, I see him strictly as a 4-3 WILL, and we already have Boley, so he doesn't fit for us.

                Having that said, I'd be thrilled with any of the 4 guys I mentioned above, less thrilled with Washington only bc I have no idea where he would fit for us (he's just not a MIKE or SAM, no way).

                But right now, Spoon is the best 4-3 MIKE in this draft. He's got the athleticism, the size, production, instincts, ferocity, tackling, playmaking ability, range, and the leadership you look for.

                If I'm a 3-4 team I have Spikes and McClain ahead of Spoon, but in a 4-3, Spoon is your guy.


                • I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but I just got done watching 2 games worth of tape on Spoon, and after analyzing McClain and Spikes to death, it really is official in my mind, Spoon is quite simply a better player than both of them.

                  If we were running a 3-4, its a totally different story, but in a 4-3, its not even close, Spoon is just better than both.

                  The guy is 10x faster, he bobs and weaves through traffic, he's got a nastiness to him I like, great tackling form, he's stoute, he can bang out with blockers if he has to, 10x better in coverage, a great 4-3 LB blitzer, has 10x more range, he's just simply better.

                  Again, if we're talking 3-4, its debatable. But in a 4-3, he's gotta be the guy. He's simply the best 4-3 MIKE in this draft.

                  If McClain and Spoon are both available at 15, Spoon better be the pick. He's just better than McClain in a 4-3. It's no contest to me. I've been flirting with the notion for a little while, but after really analyzing these guys pretty good, I'm pretty confident in my opinion now.

                  Spoon could be a Jon Beason, maybe even a poor man's Urlacher. He's got a fluidity to him that Beason didn't have. He's a little more fluid than Beason was. A little faster too. Not as tough as Beason, but still pretty tough.

                  Spoon has gotta be the guy. I'm sold. I want Spoon at 15.


                  • Im pretty sure ive overanalyized Spoon, but i dont believe he can play MLB better than he can play SLB. I agree he was a lock for five candidates for our pick for me before combine and the signing of Antrel Rolle.

                    My BB before:
                    1. Earl Thomas
                    2. Rolando McClain
                    3. Sean Weatherspoon
                    4. Anthony Davis
                    5. Dan Williams

                    My BB After
                    1. Sean Weatherspoon
                    2. Rolando McClain
                    3. Anthony Davis
                    4. Trent Williams
                    5. Dan Williams

                    That said Spoon cant be an MLB until we have two legitimate DT's, one who can take on two blocks. He doesnt read as well as youd like, he isnt a great blitzer, and he doesnt take blocks on well. He's a SLB for me, but worth a 1st rounder.

                    This is why i want us to somehow get both Spikes and Spoon, Spoon will be a pro bowl talent at SLB where he can roam free, we can utilize his and Boley's coverage abilities on the outside and Spikes who isnt awful in coverage either can be the run stuffer in the middle. Its perfect for a Tampa 2 IMO.

                    1. Sean Weatherspoon
                    2. Terrence Cody
                    2. Brandon Spikes

                    in the first two rounds, i dont care how it gets done if we have to trade Osi, trade down get an extra pick, or trade a future first. Weatherspoon and Cody should be relatively quick learners, Spikes might take a little time but he is well worth it with the blitzing, strength, instincts, and the competitive drive that makes him so dangerous.

                    Another thing whats with Blackburn, FA or not? some sites say he is others say he isnt, either way, i dont think he fits Tampa 2 at all because he is very average to bad in coverage.


                    DE: Osi and Kiwi spell with Sintim
                    DT: Cody and Tuck spell with Canty and Alford/Cofield
                    SLB: Weatherspoon spell with Kehl
                    MLB: Goff/Spikes
                    WLB: Boley spell with Kehl
                    CB: Webster, Thomas, Ross
                    SS: Phillips, Johnson
                    FS: Rolle, Johnson

                    thats solid


                    • Oh and the thing about Daryl Washington being the best LB? Nah. Its Spoon.

                      Spoon is just as fluid in coverage and meaner. Washington is still going to be a beast WILL for somebody though.

                      But Spoon is my #1 rated LB in the draft. Washington #2, Spikes 3 and McClain 4.

                      This list is not including rushbacker LBs.


                      • I think Spoon would make a better WILL than a SAM honestly, although he can do both.

                        He's not going to be a phonebooth sledgehammer, but we don't need him to be, he's in a 4-3 system. If he has to do that, then the guys up front aren't doing their job.

                        He does gamble some times, that is true. He'll have a hunch and fire the wrong gap looking to make that highlight play in the backfield. But with some discipline, that will be fixed.

                        I love his pad level. The guy knows how to get underneath pads and disengage. I think he's better at fighting blocks then given credit for. For a 4-3 MIKE, he's fine at doing what he needs to do.

                        I agree however that we need to bulk up inside when getting him. But we need to do that anyway, regardless of whether we get him or McClain or anyone else, so its a moot point to me.

                        Since Williams seems to be a dream, we have to look at later round guys. 2 guys that come to mind to me are Torrell Troup and Cam Thomas. I need to scout them more, but I've heard good things. Both got Mayock's stamp of approval, and had good combines, i just need to put the eyeball on em and see who I like more.


                        • Ballin, Cody is awful and the Giants would be stupid to take him.
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                          Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
                          BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


                          • Yeah I have no interest in Cody. Not only does he not fit the scheme, but we'd be lucky to get 2 downs in a row out of the guy. For a guy who'd demand a 2nd round pick, theres just no way I can justify taking him.

                            I'm gathering info on certain DTs that would interest me, so far I have

                            Torrell Troup
                            Cam Thomas
                            Geno Atkins
                            Brian Price
                            Jared Odrick

                            Price and Odrick are probably unrealistic bc they both have round 1 grades, but the other 3 could be there for the taking. I'm currently getting my hands on the East West Shrine game so I can study Troup, I need to grab some NC tape for Thomas and I'm gonna go back and study the Senior Bowl and focus on him, and i'm going to do the same for Geno.

                            I feel the first 3 guys will be available in round 2, and I think Geno is slept on a lot. He's a very good 3 tech and he's got the measurables to boot.

                            Usually when I scout a prospect, what I do is the following.

                            I first go and study their tape, see what I like and don't like, make mental notes. I then go and get their combine info, see their measurables and what I like and dislike about their measurables, see if they're athletic enough to be NFL players, I then go back and study their tape and try to correlate their strengths and weaknesses in measurables to what I see on tape, then form an opinion on em.

                            I wish I had access to interviews and wonderlic scores etc, but I don't, so I can't factor that into my scouting.

                            From a quick glance of some of their combine #s, Troup and Atkins stick out to me. The reason why I include them and not Price is because I don't see us realistically grabbing Price in round 2, but I'm confident Atkins will be there, and I'm confident that Troup might even be around in round 3 or 4.

                            I'll do a full analysis of the guys and form my opinions. 1 guy completely off my board is Vince Oghabasse. No thanks. He had horrible senior year tape, and his combine was horrible too. Terrible tape + terrible measurables = terrible player. He might prove me wrong, but if he does, I hope its for a team other than the Giants. No thank you.


                            • Originally posted by scottyboy View Post
                              Ballin, Cody is awful and the Giants would be stupid to take him.
                              I dont think he's awful, hes terrible when it comes to anything but eating up blockers, but you really dont know if he loses some weight he could be really effective because he has the athleticism and strength, really just not anything else which has a small possibility of being overweight :/

                              I really dont like any DT in this class anymore out of the top two and Geno Atkins who looked good in the seniorbowl mostly, both vs the pass and rush against Iupati. I still dont know if i want to spend a 2nd rounder on him quite honestly. We need an NT and none of these guys really feel like the real deal.

                              I wish we picked Ron Brace from last year, he was exactly what we need/ed.


                              • I obviously have a long way to go, but from some quick scouting, Cam Thomas is pretty much Ron Brace.

                                Brace has been disappointing his rookie year though.

                                Troup right now is my #1 NT behind Dan Williams. I'll explain when I do a more thorough scouting of all these guys.

                                If we go after a 3 tech like Atkins or Price, I'm assuming we'd move Canty over to NT. Although I doubt that bc Reese said Canty is going to be our 3 tech, and we have Alford (even though he's coming off an ACL).

                                I dunno, we'll see. Who knows.

                                I only scouted LBs so far in this talented draft class. Now I'm gonna scout DTs.

                                I really wish McClain had his pro day already so I can officially rate him as my #3 LB.

                                Anyone know when he and Spikes are having their pro days?



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