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  • Michael Strahan's Impact

    For all of you who think that Strahan is done, and we're better off without him etc, I want to go back to this youtube clip I showed a couple of months back.

    We've discussed this before. Our guys weren't lined up properly, and Pierce and Arrington both run away from the play to pick up a WR who was uncovered at the hike. But let's look at this play again, from this perspective: Michael Strahan's impact on our defense.

    Now this play shouldve been at least a 6 yard carry. With both Arrington and Pierce running away from the play, the closest guy on the strongside to make a play on the RB behind the dline was a CB and a Safety. Now, that means he shouldve gotten at least 6 yards, with one cut, maybe he couldve taken it to the house.

    But Atlanta made one crucial mistake. They broke rule #1: Don't run at Michael Strahan. Say what you want about the guy, but he's the best run stuffing DE in the league even to this day, and quite honestly, I think he's probably the best run stuffing DE outside of Reggie White and Deacon Jones in NFL history. He's that good at playing the run.

    This is just one of the many examples Im sure the gametape can show of how critical he is to our team. Its no coincidence that we're 2-16 without the guy (check the #s, I could be wrong on the official W/L record). And for all those that think Kiwi would do better, think again, he only got 2 sacks on the season. Strahan even now is a force @ pass rushing. Im pretty sure if he played the season he wouldve had more than 2 sacks. You don't get better benching a HOF player. Even when he played against NO in the regular season at 40%, you saw the impact he had on our defense. He made plays all over the place. At 40% mind you.

    Michael Strahan is still an integral part of this defense. He's not only a physical force, but also our team leader. You don't get better by replacing that. Spell him with Tuck to keep him fresh, use Kiwi in his pseudo OLB role, but keep Strahan on the field as much as you can. Strahan will be a force until retirement.
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    agreed 10000000000000000000000000%
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    BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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      Why would we even think of getting rid of him either than his off field divorce problems, He is a player and our only leader on the team, barber was not a leader, he played well but he wasn't, Manning, I hate him, he is definately not a leader, but he plays well on and off, there is no one else that even has the potential to be a leader besides Pierce, Wilson, and Osi, we'll just have to see which one can take that role after strahan leaves.

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        The only people that would even think about letting him go or trading him simply have no idea about the game. Plain and simple.
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        Eli's opportunity to become a legend.
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        These last 50 seconds will define Eli Manning.


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          He must retire a Giant..hes that important. GAP tooth butthead that he is..


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            ill shoot myself if we trade hhim


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              Indeed, I would never wish to trade Michael. I mean, I think the only times I've heard it even mentioned was that he shouldn't be getting a huge paycheck because, while he's still an amazing defensive end, he's obvisouly not in form of his 22 sack season. Nonetheless, I want, and I know everyone wants, him to retire as a Giant as he should.

              I mean, he's a valuable asset both as a player, a leader, and a teacher. Look how Osi has benefited from their relationship as friends. He's become a better player. If he can teach Kiwi some more fundamentals before retiring, then I'm certain Kiwi will also be a star on the defensive line for us too whenever Strahan retires.
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