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Browns trade RB Reuben Droughns to NY Giants for WR Tim Carter

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    Originally posted by bigbluedefense View Post
    He doesn't have much history returning kicks. From what Ive seen, he has solid hands. We'll get a much better idea of his abilities once you get him in training camp. I think for a late pick like a 6th or 7th, Id be willing to take the gamble on him. I think the raw potential is there, it just has to be remolded.

    A good coach can mold him and harnish his potential. Even if that potential is strictly as a situational player. Thats fine with me for that late of a pick anyway.
    I've seen Wolfe play a lot, since i went to NIU. He has solid hands out of the backfield, I think he's caught about 20 passes each of the last 2 years. I've only seen him drop a couple, and those were on plays he was about to get nailed for a loss after he caught it, so it's prolly just as well he didn't. I've seen him make a couple of one-hand grabs too. Normally he's catching softer passes, not ones where the QB is rifling the ball in there like they do to receivers, so I don't know how good he is at those. He returned a few kicks early on before he became a starter but I don't know how he'll do there. He's fast, but most kick returners are faster, I think. Hopefully he'll be able to contribute there. I'd like to see him get some touches, he's fun to watch. I think he'd be a good pick up in the 6th or 7th round.



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