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    Originally posted by Rosebud View Post
    I only mention because as has been mentioned our players have struggled to bond with booth guys before, although Pewell has a great relationship with his guys in buffalo so hopefully that won't ever be a problem.

    As for his style I don't think it's fair to characterize him as a Tampa 2 guy, yes he's run that for lovie and jauron to a degree, but he definitely mixed his coverages plenty and brought pressure. The key though is he adapts to his talent which with our pass rushers should mean an even more aggressive scheme.
    Who were the other booth coaches? Lewis, Spags, Huffy, Kildrive, and Sheridan were all on the sidelines. Plus that issue over being on the field or up top is overrated. Players may have a preference but in the end it's up to the coordinator. If the HC insists on where the OC/DC is then he has last say.


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      So what was so bad about Wauffel and paying him more money. This years problem were pretty much due to injuries no ?


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        Originally posted by Play Hard View Post
        So what was so bad about Wauffel and paying him more money. This years problem were pretty much due to injuries no ?
        according to Mike Garfolo this may be why

        part of an article from

        by Mike Garafolo is reporting former Giants DL coach Mike Waufle will interview with the Raiders this week after chatting with the Redskins last week.

        In continuing to unearth reasons for Waufle's departure from the Giants (in addition to his annual gripes about a lack of money and respect from the team), I've picked up on the sound of rumblings the Giants believed he simply got too close to his players and wasn't hard enough on them. This explains why the players loved him, of course, but also why he'd be nudged out the door while the rest of the staff has remained intact.

        Think about it: in the preseason Umenyiora left a team meeting after being criticized by defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan for a game in which he graded out well. Who provided those grades? Waufle.

        And then, Umenyiora was benched for failing to play the run well enough. Umenyiora clarified recently it was Tom Coughlin who was the force behind the benching. Umenyiora, meanwhile, believed he was doing just fine. Perhaps Waufle was reinforcing his player's belief he wasn't to blame as much as others made it seem. Sounds like that's the kind of stuff that was going on behind the scenes, and apparently played a huge part in the "performance reasons" for Waufle's dismissal to which I alluded in the last entry I wrote on him.

        In any case, the Giants have moved on and have yet to fill Waufle's spot. Perhaps Bob Sanders, who was Perry Fewell's D-line coach in Buffalo last season, will be the guy.
        Admittedly this is unconfirmed and speculation, but it may be the best we ever find out as no-one within the Giants organisation will comment on the record.

        This is a reasonable reason why Wauffle was fired and perhaps explains the poor performance of our D-Line this season.

        Whatever the case, Wauffle was fired for a reason, it just may be we never really know.

        btw I don't buy the injury excuse. Every team has injuries and we has arguably what was considered the best D-Line depth in the NFL.

        Even with Tuck and Canty limited and Alford on IR, we still had Osi, Robbins, Cofield, Kiwanuka and Bernard all of whom were considered starting calibre linemen. I am not saying it was work ethic or anything, but it seemed to me that the D-Line was out of sync with what was happening with the rest of the defense.

        btw Fewell is not just a Booth coach, remember he remained D-Coordinator when he became interim head coach and was calling the defensive plays from the sideline, with alot of success, so him being on the sideline is no real issue imho
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