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  • Originally posted by art vandelay View Post
    When will the Phillip Hughes era begin? Definitely sooner than later. I'm guessing that he gets called up within the next 2 weeks.

    Haha I called it! (I wrote the quoted statement on April 15th).


    • phillip hughes hurts his hamstring while throwing a no hitter at texas.

      just the yankees luck.


      • Follow up: And who’s the best guy to go get a beer with?
        Jason Giambi: “It depends on what you’re looking for. If you want to go look at pretty girls, you go out with Derek (Jeter), you know? Conversationalist? It would be probably Johnny to joke around. He’d be crazier. Those two guys.”
        Thought this was funny


        • Does anyone else really like Josh Phelps? The guy plays pretty damn hard. I just watched him mack truck Seattles catcher for no reason.

          It was pretty sweet. that kind of intensity is needed


          • Clemens just announced that he was coming back to the Yankees!!!!


            • Originally posted by Jmohr107 View Post
              Clemens just announced that he was coming back to the Yankees!!!!
              I know I'm so happy :D !!!!!



              • You guys get everybody healthy that's a dangerous rotation.

                Roger Clemens
                Chin Ming Wang
                Mike Mussina
                Andy Petitte
                Phillip Hughes?



                • What I like to see


                  • I think we ought to blow this team up if they dont pull together.

                    Pitching staff could look like this.

                    1. Wang
                    2. Pettite
                    3. Mussina
                    4. Hughes
                    5. one of the kids or Igawa (several prospects to choose from)

                    We got to get younger and better hitting. our outfield is terrible to be honest. Abreu is good (outside of this slump), but Damon and Matsui both need to go imo. They are old and injury prone.

                    Let A-Rod walk. he's been pretty bad outside of the great start. Went from May-Rod to April-Rod....

                    and lets pick up a real first basemen while we are at it. idk whos in the minors, but get rid of mancavitch. Phelps is a good backup, but an everyday 1b is needed.


                    • I hope the bats aren't getting quiet again.


                      • Random factoid: the Yankees are 20-6 when A-Rod hits a HR.

                        I think we should lock him up for the next 7 years.


                        • Yankees fan interested????

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                          • I hate scouts...

                            Pagliarulo's tangled Web

                            Yankee GM Brian Cashman has come under some heavy fire for his job performance - acquisitions such as Carl Pavano, Kyle Farnsworth and Josh Phelps plus the deals to get rid of Gary Sheffield and Randy Johnson - but in regard to the $46 million signing of Kei Igawa, his most vocal critic, ex Yankee third baseman Mike Pagliarulo, would be advised to get a memory check.

                            Amid all the "Who was the scout who recommended Igawa?" outrage being directed at Cashman, Pagliarulo, who heads up the international scouting service Turf Dirt, has been at the forefront. A recent blog on Pagliarulo's Web site contained this scathing indictment of Cashman's job performance: "Igawa could potentially be one of the worst free-agent signings ever - in Mike Hampton territory. Dare we say another Pavano? At least Hampton did have stretches of decent production after he left Colorado. Igawa, on the other hand, might never be better than what he is now - a Triple-A pitcher with an attitude who is at best a back-end starter on a second division team. The Yankees chose not to use (Cashman's) Japan consultants, who told him to walk away from Igawa. The consultants knew about the Igawa holdout in spring training 2005 in Japan and how Igawa then laid down that year and wasn't productive at all. Important information that is interpreted through consulting and difficult to put in scouting reports."

                            In other words, Cashman, in signing Igawa (who was sent to the minors on Friday), ignored the advice of Pagliarulo's company, whose services the Yankees have employed the last couple of years. The only problem is, Cashman didn't ignore Pagliarulo's report. Here's what it really said: "(Igawa) is considered one of the best starters in Japan and is having a good season. He is doing a good job of moving the ball around the zone and seems to be conserving himself throughout the game ... He showed a good split and was adding on to his fastball in tough situations. He has enough to be a fourth or fifth starter in the U.S."

                            The report goes on to list Igawa as one of the top 10 pitchers in Japan. Nothing about any holdout or attitude problems.

                            So unless we've missed something here, a scout who recommended Igawa to Cashman is the same person bashing him for signing Igawa: Mike Pagliarulo. Didn't he know there was a paper trail? Shame on you, Pags.

                            Originally posted by Halsey
                            I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


                            • Just when we thought the team would have to settle for the WC, they're playing very well vs. Boston.


                              • A little too late I think, if we came in only 6 back and swept I'd be a lot more confident. I don't count us out yet, but it'll be tough.



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