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BBD's Final Mock Draft of 07

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    Not a fan of 1 and 6, but everyone else is cool with me.


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      Originally posted by Number 10 View Post
      -I like the Poz pick as he has been my #1 OLB for awhile now, and I think we need a young LB to build around. In terms of him being our I think he could certainly handle the postion and play it well, but I think he would contribute earlier or at a higer level at WILL. He isn't the fastest LB in the world but he has a quicker first few steps than Wilkinson and I prefer Mitchell at SAM because of his coverage ability and strength. Long term, you could definitely shift Poz over to SAM but right away I prefer him at WILL.
      This is the thing though. If we start him at WILL, then we have Mitchell at SAM like you said. I think our LB core has more potential with a starting trio of Wilk, AP, and Poz. I think Poz is strong enough and instinctual enough to handle the run at SAM, especially when he has Strahan in front of him. And I like his abilities in coverage as well. I think he can do a fine job against the TE. Putting him there allows us to have the speedy Wilk at WILL which would give us the edge speed we need. I like Chase, but Im coming to the sad realization that we're gonna lose him in FA. While Poz may produce at a higher level at WILL, I think our LB core as a whole will be better with him at SAM. But either way, you can't go wrong.

      Originally posted by Number 10 View Post
      -Not in love with the Weddle pick. Not sure where anyone gets this CB talk because unless we are playing a zone based scheme, he won't play CB here. Yes he has instincts, yes he is a playmaker, yes he brings intangibles to the table. Not saying I hate the pick but I think we could get better value at safety in the 3rd-4th-5th round.
      I don't really get why you don't like Weddle. I like Marvin White alot myself, but I just like the intangibles this guy brings to the table. With so many breakdowns in coverage last year, I think the more brains the better. Having Weddle, Poz, AP, and Demps (SS) on the field puts alot of brains and instincts out there. Id love that. Of course Merriweather is the sexier pick, but FS is more of a bluecollar position anyway. If we can't get Reggie Nelson, I rather just get a smart instinctual blue collar guy at that position who can help navigate the secondary.

      Originally posted by Number 10 View Post
      -I'd like to bring in a young guard that can compete right away, I don't want Seubert starting at LG. Ramirez would give us a mauler that can hold his own in pass protection, good value there. Anytime you can get a starter in round 3, you'd have to be happy with the pick and I think Ramirez could start from day one.
      I wouldve went Tackle, but theres simply no value at Tackle beyond round 1 in this draft. This is a very weak Tackle draft. So I think the best way to improve our line is get a mauler at OG who can improve the run game as much as possible. What Im scared of however, is if he is available at our pick. Ramirez has generated lots of interest all over. He may be an early 3rd rounder, which would suck for us. What round do you have him projected at?

      Originally posted by Number 10 View Post
      -Hate the Landri pick, the worst of this mock IMO. I don't see him finding a niche in the NFL unless he could find a Cover 2 scheme that just lets him fly after the passer on 3rd downs. You don't want him here because he'll get owned by the bigger linemen on running plays and his quickness won't be as disruptive at the next level.
      I'll readily admit I pushed my luck with this pick. Now after our FA signing, its a moot point anyway. I was just scared of grabbing a day 2 DT with poor work ethic. All the potential "diamonds" in day 2 are fat lazy guys, or guys with character issues. I was hoping that with a guy with his work ethic and intelligence, that maybe we could unearth a developmental player who would be a good player in 08/9 with this pick. It was a shot in the dark type of pick.

      Originally posted by Number 10 View Post
      -Walker would solid value in round 5, high ceiling there. I'd prefer WR earlier in the draft, maybe instead of Weddle? But if we do wait until day 2, Walker would be nice.
      I think if we don't go FS in round 2, we should go CB. I hate drafting CBs myself, but I think the issue at DB has to be addressed early one way or another. I like Marvin White in the later rounds, and I won't be mad at all if we went that route, but I also don't want to go WR early when you can have a Mike Walker on day 2.

      Id probably sub out Landri with Walker in round 4 to ensure we get him, and hope White is there at round 5. If not, trade our 5th + 7th to move up to nab White, if thats possible.

      You know, just when i thought the Giants won't make any moves, I write up a mock draft, and then they sign some guys, lol. Now my mock is dated. Oh well.


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        Heh. Don't be afraid to update it BBD.

        I really like Weddle, but I just can't see him being a fit for us this particular season. I think so many people like him because of his versatility - I mean, he's got good talent, but I think it's a little over done in my opinion.

        That and the fact safety isn't as much of a concern for me as cornerback is. Wilson, McCauley and Wright are potential starters as rookies and at the very least can play the nickle and develop.

        How about instead of Landri in the fourth we go for James Marten? He might be a steal and will likely be around at our pick in the fourth. Would give us some depth at Left Tackle at the very least and could develop into something more.
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