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Giants supposedly were to meet with Revis today

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    Originally posted by Jughead10 View Post
    Yeah, Revis is the most well rounded corner in this draft. And currently my number 1 choice. I don't see that changing as well. He has the ability to be great but I also think he is one of the safer picks as well.
    Completely agree with this. While I like Chris Houston as a pick, I think Revis is hands down the most well rounded corner and definently has the potential to become a shutdown corner. Is it just me or does it feel like he's the only first round corner that could really become a shutdown corner in the future?

    I mean, Hall and Houston could, but it just seems like because Revis is so balanced that he really might be the most likely.

    Originally posted by bigbluedefense View Post
    If we pass up on Reggie Nelson, I think Im gonna cry.
    I'll bring the tissues.

    Seriously though. I would absolutely die for this year. What I mean is, our safeties futures are extremely uncertain right now. I feel like Will Demps really could do well this year. It's also a proving year for Gibril too. I mean, if he does extremely well, and Demps does well, then where does that leave us?

    Now if it were next year and Gibril didn't do well, but Demps did fine..then move Demps over to SS and bring in Nelson to lay the hits down baby!

    Sigh... anyone got a time machine? Need to convince Reggie Nelson to stay another year at Florida..
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      Originally posted by LTgiants View Post
      im right here why would you see the last of me?
      I didn't realize you were allowed to use so many vulgarities in one post and not be at least suspended.



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