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    I'm a huge fan of this guy, and I think that he should be the #3 WR. He MIGHT even be a try at RB. With his track star speed, and a double RB backfield, he might stand a shot.


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    He played his way on to the team last year, but I'm guessing fell into TC's dog house, only way I can explain him not getting a chance to return punts and kicks after everyone went down.

    His chances are slim to making this team. Plax, Toomer, Moss and Smith are your top 4, Tyree pretty much has a spot nailed down (but could be a suprise cut) and if we end up with 6 recievers then he still has to beat out Anthony Mix and Brandon London (though I'm sure he has a leg up)

    RB I can't see, too frail. He has an uphill battle to making this team, and I wouldn't put money on it.


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      He had his chance last year. Where was he when Toomer went down? We didn't have a #3 WR all year. If the coaches had any faith in him, they would play him over Tim Carter. At this point, I don't even want him on the team.

      Plaxico Burress
      Amani Toomer
      Steve Smith
      Sinorice Moss
      David Tyree
      Brandon London / Anthony Mix


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        im a big fan of him as well, think he has alot of talent, and would of liked to see him return punts for you guys more last year, dont know what happened after the pre season though, he had one spectacular play, and i just knew he would see some looks during the season, but maybe he isnt as polished at WR as he is with his return ability...i think he'd be a great 6th wr to have though

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        I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.



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