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2008 Draft: What positions are we drafting?

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  • 2008 Draft: What positions are we drafting?

    I was looking at the Jets depth chart and I didn't see superstars but I ddin't see glaring holes at any position... I saw a lot of depth and I was just wondering when the 2008 draft roles around what positions do you think the Jets will target?....

    Based on what I see now on our roster and who is coming out I think we'll target...

    -OT (There is a strong class of OT next year and they're all massive...I know we drafted Jacob Bender and he could be the future at RT but he may move inside to G and take Pete Kendall's place and add a lot of size should Adrien Clarke not work at LG...however if Bender is Clement's successor then I would say we could go OG as I have a few doubts about Adrien Clarke and Wade Smith being as effective and good as Kendall)

    -DL: (The Jets signed a lot of DE's and tried to plug the 3-4 depth gaps and I loved it. But unless Michael Haynes works out really well the Jets should start looking for Shaun Ellis' replacement he's 30 and while Coleman looks good in camp if he doesn't work out we really have a problem...Also, if D-Rob doesn't adjust better to the 34 and start eating up space better we might spend two picks on the DL, NT (6'2'' 325+) & DE (6'4'' 290))

    -WR (I think after this season LC has at least one more season, but he may pack it in...that's the only reason I bring this up. I think if he's not gone before this season starts McCareins will definitely be gone after next year I'd just like another playmaker besides JC. Maybe Pellot-Rosa or Stuckey can turn into our star but I think if LC and McCareins are gone after this season you have to bring in more WR to bring a spark to the offense: bc although they show a lot of promise Stuckey and Pellot-Rosa are low risk high reward guys and as of now I find the WR battles to be interesting, perhaps really beneficial and great for the team but I think this position is one of the biggest ? for the Jets)

    Let me know what positions you think we;ll have to bolster and if you wanna go crazy you can look up the first group of prospects Kiper has them up on ESPN...

    Don;t post stuff like... it's too early to do this I'm just trying to keep the forum goin if you think it's too early and don't have any imagination or you just hate life in general and don't like the topic then DON'T POST.

    I think it's fun to look ahead and then look back and see how wrong we all were
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    Great idea for a thread, I'd love to see the NYJ forum get moving again. I thought all of your points were great and really well argued. We've got a solid team with no real superstars, but no large holes either.

    The offensive line could definitely use upgrades at the G/RT spots (though I have heard good things about Clarke, we'll see), and what position we go after really depends on what position they're trying to groom Bender at. I say this is the biggest hole, especially because depth never hurts.

    The D-line also has some big questions, I think we could use a bigger NT unless Robertson improves this year (which isn't completely out of the question) and a DE if nobody really steps up across from Ellis, (although I think Haynes or Coleman will). Probably the next biggest hole, also because, like the OL, depth never hurts.

    I also wouldn't rule out using a pick on a rush OLB depending on how we do rushing the passer, and if we can actually generate a pass rush with our personnel or if we have to use blitz packages. How big of a need this is largely depends on our performance next year, a wild card if you will.

    The WR spot also could possibly use an upgrade. Us using a pick on that spot probably largely depends on the development of guys like Brad Smith and Pellot-Rosa, both of whom have the physical abilities to be outside, number one type guys. Stuckey I believe will be more of a slot WR, although a very talented one at that. If Cotchery somehow develops into a #1 (which I don't see happening, he's a #2 through and through IMO) I could see Stuckey being a #2 and this isn't a need. Otherwise Smith or Pellot-Rosa could develop into that lead guy. But if not, we have a need for a #1 WR in the future as Coles has said he won't be around much longer. If addressed through the draft, though, it makes it difficult to pick a guy because you don't only need a WR but the kind of guy with the ability to be a #1.

    Finally, the only other thing you didn't mention is the TE spot, where if Baker doesn't play well this year we have nobody else. Not that I really expect it to happen, but who knows, it's more likely than other positions. Same with our safety play next to Kerry Rhodes.

    Obviously there's also a chance that something random happens like Thomas Jones busting or Pennington ending his career with another shoulder injury, but barring that kind of stuff happening I think these are what we're going to be looking at as needs.


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      I agree that a guy to go after the QB would be a good fight for this team and also maybe someone who plays defensive back? I know Revis was a top pick this year but All I have read of Dyson he seems to small to be a top caliber starter.


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        hmm...good thread.

        i would like to see us go after a pass rush OLB with our first pick if there is a premier one available. if there isnt i would like us to select another corner. if you can get two really good or great corners on the same defense we will never be too far from the lead which is good in the offense we have.

        in rnds 2-3 i would like to look offensive line. possibly using both rnds on an Olineman.

        in rnd 4 i wouldnt mind seeing whatever DLineman with the physical tools falls. whether we need to coach him up or whatever is fine. i want someone with raw ability.


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          IMO Dyson is fine starting, he's not very big but was by far the best corner on the team last year. Right now he's the team's number one corner, and even if Revis overtakes him for that he's a solid #2, I'm very comfortable having him starting and really don't see any reason to go corner again this year, especially because we play so much zone. If we take a corner I'd want a guy in the second or third round, if we're taking a guy in the first he'd better be a damn good #2 or a #1, and I really would rather not go in that direction that early. Plus we don't need a #1 as Revis is our future #1. I'd look for a #2 guy later day one. And that's if we do at all, IMO Dyson is fine.


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            Its basically as u guys have said. We need someone to step up or start looking for a new #1 WR. now u could put it off for another season also, but if someone is a steal u gotta take them. Who are the big time WR coming out next season?

            We could use a OLB, as i am not sold on Hobson. He's serviceable, but a pass rusher is always something valuable to have, especially in a 3-4.

            DL that better fit the scheme. We have some, and its getting better depth wise, but if Robertson doesn't get it done (although i like him and think he was put in a bad position and is making the best of it by doing a solid job), we need to realize this isn't the defensive scheme for him and let him go somewhere else and get someone new.

            i have faith in the oline, but a mean run blocker would be nice.
            i also believe that Miller can turn it around at CB, but i might just be blinded by his ability and not realizing whats in his head.

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            Originally posted by dRaFtDoRk
            You can't be a good corner if no one throws your way. Thats my way of seeing it.


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              Even assuming Miller won't turn it around at CB, I don't see what the major problem with the position is. Dyson is certainly starting material, and Revis was selected to develop into our #1 corner. In that case, Dyson would be the #2 corner, where he is perfectly fine. He did a good job as our #1 all of last year, we only had problems at the other starting spot. And we have plenty of guys that can play nickel and dime. Corner won't be addressed unless we want to upgrade the nickel slot in the third or fourth round IMO.


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                if i dont like what i see from clemens this year...which it sounds like is a strong possibilty...

                i wouldnt mind taking whichever of the top QBs make the first rnd fall.


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                  Quite possible, but it's not even definite that we see him at all this year. It's more of a wait and see scenario. Hopefully Pennington stays healthy all year and we don't really have to worry about it.


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                    i meant more as far as in camp and pre season. if someone doesnt look competent in preseason i dont hold alot of hope for reg. season. i hope penny is our starter another 3 years.


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                      u'd be that quick to jump the ship on clemens? Pennington should be the expected starter for a little while now and since its not a major area of concern yet i'm not sure we have to use another 2nd rounder on the position unless there is someone we can't pass up

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                      Originally posted by dRaFtDoRk
                      You can't be a good corner if no one throws your way. Thats my way of seeing it.


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                        i have not been as high on clemens as everyone else has been since we took him. even before last year when people were wanting him to take over as a starter before the season started...i was always backing penny. with the good job we are doing building a team...i feel like clemens will hold us back if he has to be the man. and i dont think he will progress past that. if he can come out and light things us in the preseason, i will maybe feel otherwise. but if he struggles it will be simply confirming what i already believe.


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                          Who knows, maybe he isn't the guy? But if he doesn't light it up in preseason this year I doubt it will make management think he isn't the guy. Pennington hopefully will be around for a few more years, and if so we'll have plenty of time to see if Clemens develops. For now, Pennington is the guy and Clemens is the QB of the future and I don't think the team is going to write Clemens off after 2 seasons considering Pennington will be playing a few more years.


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                            Tight End. Weve been itching to take one for a few years now and I think Baker will have another average season.


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                              Next years draft class is loaded with talent at the skill positions, and although none of those are really needs, i think they could all use upgrade. Mainly WR

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