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    Sorry for makin another thread, but I really want to get everyones opinion on this. It's been going around pretty much every other jets forum on the web and it seems like its 80:20 for those who want to bring him in.

    From what I saw this year he looked pretty good, atleast a 2 fold increase over drob (personal opinion). I would love to see how our defense would look like with a real NT in there, which he is. He has atleast 1 or 2 years of solid playing; this would let us draft Hopefully BJ raji or someone to groom underneath him. It would give us a chance to see how our linebackers play without blockers all in their face. (unfortunately it looks like we won't be able to see how vilma would play) It would than allow us to see how expendable Drob is, possibly see how he is as a DE, which I don' think is a good fit either.

    Anyways, i wanna see who thinks its a good idea to pick him up off waivers, and who thinks he'll be an improvement over Drob.
    Sign Grady Jackson - he'll be a large improvement to our defense
    Sign Grady Jackson - he'll be a slight improvement to our defense
    Don't sign him at all
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    if the cost isn't to great i don't see why not. Season is done, lets see what a NT would do for the unit. i say slight improvement because the loss of Vilma would probably lower the results from what they potentially could be.

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    You can't be a good corner if no one throws your way. Thats my way of seeing it.


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      Titans GM Mike Reinfeldt confirmed that the team has interest in free agent DT Grady Jackson.
      Following Corey Simon's retirement, Reinfeldt says the club has also considered bringing back local favorite Jesse Mahelona. "There is nothing imminent," Reinfeldt said. "We are looking for the right person, the right fit for what we do. There are a number of options at this point." The Jets, Raiders, and Seahawks are believed also to have interest in Jackson.

      that was taken from I'm wondering, what are the sources these people say that the jets are interested? Becuase, from what I have heard, in his interview mangini flat out said theat they weren't interested in grady jackson. Do these papers just say the jets are interested, becuase they feel he'd be a good fit? Just wondering how we get two completely contradicting stories.

      I also don't understand why mangini would flat out say no now, when he brought in grady for a workout previously and would be a lot cheaper now.
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