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Is this a realistic first day draft day for us?

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  • Is this a realistic first day draft day for us?

    Keep in mind I don't follow watch game film of these guys, mainly just watch whats on local TV for college football. I'm going to make a round 1 mock draft.

    1. QB, Boston College, Matt Ryan/QB, Louisville, Brian Brohm
    2. DT, Texas, Frank Okam
    3. TE, Missouri, Martin Rucker

    All three guys I've seen like a minute of their highlights.
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    I wont even read the rest after Matt Ryan or Brohm. I believe that Clemens deserves more of a shot. And I just don't see the Jets taking a QB this early after using a 2nd on Clemens so recently. We already have a young Qb that may develop we don't need to use another early pick so soon to have two inexperienced question marks at qb. Furthermore, Ryan and Brohm aren't even elite supposedly can't miss prospects that would be tempting.


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      Why would we want any of those?
      Glenn Dorsey will slip...

      Jets will not take McFadden...


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        well, welcome to the jets board bud. And it's not a big deal but it's generally good to keep all the offseason/draft things in the offseason or draft threads, becuase if a lot of these get made than it tends to get hard to keep up with everything and then the same thing gets said about 4 different times, no big deal but just for next time! As far as the draft, I really don't think the jets will focus on qb at all and if they do it will be in the late rounds or free agency. I won't argue with okam, becuase he has all the physical tools to be a dominant 34 DE. But, i will say that he has some issues with his motor and technique and if our FO drafts him it will be becuase they feel he'll give forth the effort to succeed in the nfl. Our FO have been great in scouting talent, however there have been a couple reaches (schlegal). But the one thing i will say, is every one of those players has had a great work ethic, so if we draft okam it will be because he is going to give a great effort.

        I like rucker, but i think chris baker is a fantastic TE, but just isn't utilized how he should be. I feel that will change once we get a LG and RT so he isn't forced to stay and block. I wouldn't be surprised to see 700ish hundred yards and 5+ tds.

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          hes got something there, we need to address our offensive needs more than defensive, our D is great theyre just on the field too long so fatigue plays a factor


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            not to be mean, but that is an unrealistic first round for us. QB will not be a round 1 move, and i don't see TE a priority. MY main issue with your selections is that it doesn't satisfy any needs, such as OLine (RT), or pass rush (OLB). one of those at least needs to be addressed in the first 2 rounds, or both

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            You can't be a good corner if no one throws your way. Thats my way of seeing it.


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              If it happened, I would cry...and not in a good offense...
              1)Vernon Gholston OLB
              2)Duke Robinson OG
              3)Jordie Nelson WR
              4)John Greco OT
              5)Frank Morton NT
              6)Owen Schmitt FB
              7)Barry Booker DE

              Thats assuming nothin in it cant be accurate...keep in other forums.....

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