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How is D. Ferguson doing so far?

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  • How is D. Ferguson doing so far?

    Has he lived up to the high pick the Jets used on him? I haven't heard much about him since he was drafted.

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    he's a heck of a lot better with a good LG. So far I'd give him about a B grade. He had some great games against elite pass rushers (i.e. Osi, Jason Taylor) but also showed some weaknesses. I'd give him a pass for the year because he is really getting no help next to him.

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      please Lock
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        why should this be locked?


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          cause its also easy to discuss this on the Discussion Thread... new kid not sure how its done... its alright
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            He's a beginner so its not a big deal, becuase here in the jets' forum we try to foster a warm and welcoming environment, unlike some of those other hate mongers in the rest of league haha. Anyways, i would have to say that if you asked this question halfway through the season I would have told you that he was playing like a top 5 LT in the league and i was beyond happy. But now, he struggled in the last half of the season; i think it's very tough to evaluate him because of adrien clarke. It's not like Dbrick was playing next to an ok LG who sometimes makes no..he is playing next to the human turnstile we have as our LG, the man is absolutely terrible and has drastically affected our play. So, i will give you a B. His pass blocking was top notch in the beginning of the year, but as the year goes on and he loses the LG situation caught up with him. So, hopefully when we get a LG this offseason or draft, he will play like the #4 pick he is.

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