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Jets worked out Andre Wadsworth

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  • Jets worked out Andre Wadsworth

    Jets worked out Andre Wadsworth before the combine. We are told that he weighed in around 280 pounds and showed up in tremendous shape. The Jets reportedly offered him a contract after his workout. We do not know if an agreement has been reached. A call to his Agent, Roosevelt Barnes, was not immediately returned.

    Andre also worked out for the Tampa Bay Bucs. Tampa had Andre work out along with his friend Peter Boulware. The two did not know they would be working out together until they arrived at the Bucs practice facility. The Bucs want Andre to work out for them again. He delayed initally because of the contract offer on the table from the Jets. The contract is believed to have a low base salary and be rich in incentives.

    Andre who is now 32 years old has been out of football for the past six years. He was drafted # 3 overall by the Cardinals in 1998. He was the first non Qb selected that year, going in back of Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf. He held out and signed before the opener. His rookie season was good but he was slowed by knee injuries in 1999 and 2000 and has not played since.

    It would be an interesting move for the Jets. By all accounts Andre fits in well with Head Coach Eric Manginiís desire to bring in high character players. He has worked hard to get back in the league. He has been successful off the field, so this is not simply a case of a player looking to get paid. Andre is hungry to play football. He was on the verge on coming back a few years ago when he hit another set back (achilles). He walked on at Florida State because he did not receive any scholarship offers, so he knows about overcoming long odds. This is a good move by the Jets by leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of new talent.

    hahahahahahahaha If he came back for the Jets and was sick I would piss my pants at how cursed the Cardinals are!!
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    hahah i would laugh my ass off if he had a great year or two...the guys got some money from what i hear and hes just interested in proving that he can still play and has the fire for it, gotta love that...i hate to say this next thing but heis a young 32 in terms of beatings his body has taken due to football..haha a young 32 it still sounds weird saying that..well regardless i heard something about the jets offering a contract and how he was hesitant to have a second workout with the bucs becuase of the contract..anyone know the validity or details of this "contract."

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      unbelievable, never would have even thought he'd be close to making it back. i hope he makes it, he deserves it

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