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  • BJ Askew

    What do Jets fans think of him? Good pick up by the BUcs?

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    Eh he wanted to be a tailback but we never really gave him the opportunity. He didn't play much last year because Mangini wanted a blocker at FB and Askew is more of a runner/receiver type. If you want him in that role I guess he's okay, more of a HB/FB tweener type, kind of like Brian Leonard this year only not nearly as good. Thats my take at least.


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      i think it's a good pickup only because they have alstott too. i dont think hes a great FB but he can be good as a backup FB who can learn a lot from alstott. i thoguth askew was a bust but maybe with a mentor like alstott that can change.


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        The thing I most remember about him is that there was a game where it was halftime and the handed him the ball and he broke away and instead of going for the sideline for another play he tried to get more yardage for himself rather than helping the team.



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