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    Just something to keep things interesting. Stole it from the Cowboys forum. Pick one guy on offense and one guy on defense that you want to tout. Only stipulations are that they can't be someone talked about as a potential first rounder and if someone else mentions them in this thread, they're off-limits. It should be fun to see if any of these guys end up on our team and who just flat out ends up panning out.

    Since I know derza and I both like Wallace and Vaughn, I'll instead go with...

    Louis Vasquez, OG, Texas Tech - Some Tech articles say he's the best lineman in the school's history. And while they're obviously known for the passing attack, he shows the promise to be a great run blocker. He's got that nasty streak, great size, and phenomenal strength (put up 39 reps at the combine, and he actually has something like 34" arms). You know he can work in space because of the Tech offense, and with that kind of all-around ability, I think he could be a heck of a steal on the second day. He needs some work on his technique, but he wouldn't start right away anyway and he can learn under the wing of one of the league's best. EDIT: Oh and in '07 he didn't give up a sack.

    Lee Robinson, ILB, Alcorn State - I've been talking about this guy for a while and I really like him. Really, the pick would make even more sense now since we probably would have gone for an ILB earlier on in the draft had we not filled that hole through FA. Anyway, 6'2" 249 and was a stud in his conference. I know, low level, but he was great in the Texas vs. The Nation game, has a high motor, and put up pretty impressive stats while he was there. He has pretty solid athleticism and is a perfect fit inside for the 3-4, not to mention that he's pretty adept in pass coverage. There's also a vid of him from the combine running the drills and he looks pretty fluid to me.
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    I'm not sure if the point of this is to take guys we think would fit with us, but I figure it's more fun that way given we're talking about our team here anyway, right? That in mind, my picks:

    Andre Brown, RB, NC State- Not really a pick I like making because he's so well known, but I'll be honest I don't know a ton about the OL's outside of round one and I'm not a huge fan of many of the skill guys or I don't know enough about them. Not really talked about as a round one guy but seems like he's solidly in that round two or three range, and would be a great pickup for us in that area. Great size, good speed, runs with some nice power, had a great Senior Bowl week, and his hands aren't too bad either. Really love him as a fit for this team and to me he screams player who is going to be better in the pros than in college, as well as one who will outperform his draft position. Injuries are a concern, but if he avoids those I see him having a lot of success in the pros especially for a team like us. Would be great to add a bruising element to a team that wants to focus on pounding the rock this year, and could be a fantastic long-term compliment to #29.

    Sammie Lee Hill, DL, Stillman- Hill is a massive guy at just under 6'4 330, and yet he played defensive end. Granted the level of competition was low, but to play defensive end at any level at that weight is impressive. Shows a lot of overall athleticism and quickness, which he seems to have a lot of for such a big guy. Seems like he's got the height, athleticism, and more than enough bulk to play defensive end in our scheme, plus some experience playing end although it was a different scheme. Beyond that, his massive size would seem to make him a guy that can move all over the place on the defensive line depending on situation, and could really throw off defenses. If he pans out he could play a similar role to Haloti Ngata in Baltimore though I'm not saying by any stretch that he will or can be that kind of player. Still love the potential and the scheme fit though, we need some youth depth and athleticism on the defensive line and this guy could certainly provide it. One of my favorite small-school guys overall, especially for us to take a look at with our scheme and needs.

    Great idea for a thread, by the way.


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      Defense: Ziggy Hood I've heard him mentioned from people as a later first rounder, but Scott's got him ranked as a 2-3, so I'll go with that.

      DL (6'3 300 lbs), but would play the 5-technique for us. Saw a lot of him when I was watching the Mizzou games in order to see Maclin; he definitely stood out when I watched the games. He doesn't have the ideal extra couple inches on his frame, but from everything I've seen, he plays bigger, can collapse the pocket and is always around the ball.

      He is probably one of the quickest 290+ pound lineman that i've seen in the last couple years, he's constantly in the backfield. From what I've read on various scouting reports, he's extremely coachable and very hard-working, always a plus.

      Ramses Barden; WR, 6'6" 230 lbs out of Cal Poly. Reminds me a whole heck of a lot of Plax, minus the cheddar bob issues. Although, I don't know much about his character, but considering nothing serious has come about yet, I'm sure he's alright *crosses fingers*

      He has good speed for his size 4.55 40, great production and obviously excellent size. His agility drill (shuttle drill was impressive, in the low 4.2s), however i was dissapointed with his sub 10' broad jump, which usually will let us know the explosion of a receiver's lower body.

      From the limited amount that i've seen of him he seems to have good hands, very good body control for his huge frame and the ability to get the ball at it's highest point. I would say as far as straight up measurables are concerned, plax and james hardy are the best comparisons.

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        Apparently we've got my defensive horse (Sammie Lee Hill) coming in for a visit. Think he'd be an awesome selection for us.



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