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Should the Jets trade up for Sanchez?

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  • Should the Jets trade up for Sanchez?

    This has picked up a lot of momentum over the last few days and is an interesting topic. NFLN says it would cost about a 1st, 3rd,and 5th to trade up to the 8th spot(which is the most likely trade up spot). Should we do it?

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    I think he's gone in the top 5, so that may be a moot point. The other thing is that we don't have a fifth. If they're sold on him and it takes something in the ballpark of that little to move up to get him, I don't see why not. A quarterback isn't exactly my favorite move, but like I said if they're sold it certainly isn't an astronomical cost to move up for him.


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      No, I think that there is only one Quarterback in this draft who is even going to start in the his career and that is Matthew Stafford, I don't believe Freeman or Sanchez will be starting QBs in this league. If we can get Stafford, do it, Sanchez, no



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        I'd be all for it

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          I think if everything falls into place and the Jaguars aren't going to take him for themselves then it would be a great deal for both teams. Word is the Jags are looking to move down and this would be a perfect chance. Think about it, the Jets have lacked that elite QB for decades and its been the main thing holding them back from winning super bowls. If Sanchez is on the board and the Jags are willing to move back, the Jets should the trigger without a doubt.


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            I have faith in Clemens.... then again Im a Giants fan, LOL

            If he's around by the time The Jets pick then maybe take a chance on him, but I woudnt move up
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              I dont want to trade up for him but if he falls to the Jets they almost have to take him. I would be against it though.

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                I am not sure what is going to happen. I hope the Jets do something intelligent.. Regardless of Stafford,Sanchez or Freeman.... Are any of them ready to start this year? I am growing increasingly concerned that we are going to have a rough road. We need a QB to help support the run, and give the defense a chance to rest....



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