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    Originally posted by TT Gator View Post
    We won't draft Pettigrew we just used a first round pick on Keller last year for crying out loud. I hope we don't use it on defence because as far as i'm concerned after the players we picked up in FA we have of the best defences in the league. Now both our starting DEs are over 30 but they both have a year or two left in them so I think we could wait till next years draft or try to a 3rd to mid round sleeper. Either a bigger DE or a quick DT like Jarron Gilbert would be perfect. Alot of people our putting a RB for the Jets in the first in mock drafts but I think it's nonsense considering the lack of receiving threats we have to even consider RB when we have Jones and Washington. Although i'm not againest one as early as the 2nd there is alot of value at RB all the way till the mid rounds. After the 2nd you have Andre Brown, Javon Ringer, Adrian Foster, Peerman, Sheets, and Jennings who are projected to go in the 3rd to mid rounds and they're all quality backs with upside. It all comes down to how much confidence the Jets management has in Clemens(or possibly Ratliff). I think even in Sanchez there is little gain short term overall since he'll be a rookie, he'll have very little in passing threats, and he'll have to adjust from being on one of the best teams in college with an overall weak conference to being in the pros in one of the toughest divisions in the football. Freeman IMO would be a waste of a pick(reminds me of a poor man's Jamarcus Russell). In any other draft he'd be a 2nd or 3rd rounder maybe even later. It's just cause of the weak QB class, his good size, and strong arm that he's consider a 1st rounder. It's looking more and more likely that ALL 3 first day QBs will go Top 10 which means NY would hafta trade up no matter what. This brings us back to their choice... either you trade up and give up at least a 2nd and 3rd(maybe even a 1st next year) then get Sanchez which means they'll hafta hope they can get a late round sleeper at WR or he'll have few targets to throw to. Or they grab a receiver in the 1st with elite speed, then a RB and DE in the 2nd/3rd to serve as replacements in years to come. If they want a QB to develop they should wait till the 4th and grab Rhett Bomar, Nate Davis, or Stephan Mcgee.
    The enter key is your friend good sir.

    Disagree about Pettigrew. Keller is a one-dimensional tight end, and he and Pettigrew are entirely different players. To be effective offensively, we need a multidimensional tight end to play across from him. Pettigrew takes pressure off Keller and the wideouts, adds our biggest redzone body we've had in awhile, and helps the run game. Keller can flex more, two tight end sets fit the run-first approach, and he'll bring a lot of things to this team. He fits the offense, and if he's the best player on the board then you take him. End of story. I don't love it, but he would absolutely help this team.

    Also disagree about first round RB's. Don't like Moreno, but with Wells it's the same as Pettigrew. Big back, fits the run-first attack, could be great value at 17. He's basically the end of that though. Like the second, third round options or Glenn Coffee to develop in the fourth. Frame to grow some and the right running style to be a power back.

    Defensive guys...I'd rather not but again if he's the best guy on the board and will help this team the most you do it. I don't take a WR that's going to start but be a mediocre player or has a high bust factor over an end I feel is a better player that will make a bigger impact for us. That's going to be hard to find, but if it's the case then so be it.

    Quarterbacks, I don't really want one but I don't agree with your first round vs. later rounds approach. While I think drafting a QB in the first round for the sake of drafting one there is a mistake (just because QB's taken in the first are more likely to pan out than others doesn't mean you taking a QB there will make him more likely to pan out, a 7th round talent is still a 7th round talent if you take him in the first) those are the only guys that are an upgrade over what we have right now. If you take one at all, you take a guy early. I'd rather not take one, but I'd rather take any of those three in the first than any other QB in round 2 or 3, and almost any QB in round 4. I just think it would be pointless.

    Just think you look at the draft with a little too much of a blanket approach. I sympathize with a lot of what you're saying and generally agree with a lot of the general thoughts, but there's way more wiggle room to it than you give the draft credit for in my opinion.
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