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Rex's locker room speech and changing the culture

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  • Rex's locker room speech and changing the culture

    Usually we like to keep the forum clean and free of superfluous threads, but I felt that this one deserves it and should be stickied if at all possible.

    What Rex has done for this team cannot be overstated. He's helped to establish a brand new culture for us and throw away the SOJ bullshiit.

    We've gone through player coaches, straight up X's and O's coaches and now we've finally got one who's a combination of both. Watching this video straight up makes me want to run through a brick fcukin wall for that man. It's so easy to see why his players love playing for him...combine that with the talent we have, and this is the start of something amazing.

    I could go on forever about what he brings to the table, what he's done not only for the franchise, but for the fan base...however, I'll end it on this video, for I know we'll all have more to add in the coming days.

    "When it's third and ten, you can take the milk drinkers and I'll take the whiskey drinkers every time."

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    As a Dolphins fan, I wanna puke after I say this but damn you boys got a bright future ahead of you with Rex. I love his defense. I love Rex as a coach and he isnt a typical boring coach. He is funny as hell and you love his attitude. Im a Dolphins fan and I would even run through a brick wall for this guy.

    Props to fenikz on the awesome sig


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      great speech, I remember I wanted him as our HC when Billick was cut. My uncle was like no he will be like his dad. But I think it turns out he is going to be a great coach. I believe he created one of the best defenses ever (the confusion pre-snap is remarkable, add in the fact a 7th round nobody can hope in get 12 sacks then leave for big $ and get 4 sacks anywhere else). He is also a great motivator. It looks like he will be a great coach



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