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    So, I figured I could see if I could get things going:

    Cromartie has been playing GREAT, been all over the place making picks, and even had a big hit on LT, which Rex made a little "They could have used that last year" joke about. This is huge for us. If he can be locking down #2's, other team's passing games will be non-existent, and we can blitz like crazy.

    Jeff Cumberland (Undrafted TE) has been making multiple big catches all over the place, but apparently is getting pushed back bad on blocking. Dustin Keller 2.0, I guess. I would love to see him make the team, because at worst athletic TE's are good trade bait. We'll see how he does.

    Apparently Slauson and Ducasse are pretty much even in their battle for LG, but Slauson might have an extremely slight edge. Which is good, because then a year from now with Woody gone we will have a complete line with Ducasse jumping to RG. And Brandon Moore will be the only one over 28, at 31.

    Sanchez I am sorta worried about. Even with Revis gone and Lowery being a starting corner, he isn't completing a lot of passes. I believe he is under 50% in 11 on 11 drills. Hopefully he just needs some more time after pretty much all summer off.

    Umm... that's about it. John Connor has been a BEAST apparently. Running mostly with the first team. Saving T-Rich for the season?

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