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    Jets have 12 draft picks. In Ryan's first three seasons (2009 to 2011), with Mike Tannenbaum as the GM, they had a total of 13
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      1.18. Odell Beckham/WR ....Darquez Dennard/CB ....Justin Gilbert/CB
      2.49. Jace Amaro, Texas Tech/TE ΤΗͺ.Troy Niklas/TE....Demarcus Lawrence/OLB
      3.80. Davante Adams/WR
      4.115. Murphy/OLB.... Christian Jones/OLB
      4.137. Martavis Bryant/WR....Telvin Smith/OLB
      5.154. Craig Loston/S.... L'Damian Washington/WR... Cyril Richardson/G Baylor
      6.195. Chris Watt OG Notre Dame
      6.209. Jerick McKinnon/HB/QB/S
      6.210. Jake Murphy/TE
      6.213. Michael Schofield/OT Michigan....Matt Patchan/OT Boston College
      7.233. Dontae Johnson/CB....Dede Lattimore/ILB South Florida


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        repost opps
        fun fact..
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          In order to get a sense of what pre-draft interest meant for the Jets last year (and might mean this year) I found Walter Football's old database of pre-draft interest by team and took a look at what interest the Jets has in those they drafted.

          1.a) Dee Milliner - private workout
          1.b) Sheldon Richardson - pro day interest
          2) Geno Smith - private workout and pro day
          3) Brian Winters - none
          5) Oday Aboushi - private workout
          6) William Campbell - private workout
          7) Tommy Bohanan - none

          Kind of interesting, private workouts with 4 of the 7 draft picks, no interest shown in 2 including a third round guy. For Richardson all it took was his pro day. Other thing in common is that the early draft picks all had outstanding physical tools for their position. Wonder if any of that carries over.


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            Roby might have just screwed any shot he had at being pick 18.....

            Would the Jets pull the trigger on him in round 2 if they say got Cooks or Beckham Jr?

            Beckham Jr/Roby/Fiedorowicz is a tempting first 3 picks, can't lie....


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              heres a list of our private workouts if you guys know any others shout out

              Brandin Cooks
              Odell Beckham
              Mike Evans
              Kelvin Benjamin
              Marqise Lee
              Paul Richardson
              Walt Powell
              Jarvis Landry
              Dri Archer
              Jace Amaro
              Eric Ebron
              C.J. Fiedorowicz
              Darquez Dennard
              Justin Gilbert
              Kyle Fuller
              Bradley Roby
              Jason Verrett
              Calvin Pryor
              Deonne Bucanonn
              Demarcus Lawrence
              Michael Sam
              Larry Webster
              Jimmy Garoppolo
              Logan Thomas


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                Originally posted by Thecollegedropout View Post
                Roby might have just screwed any shot he had at being pick 18.....

                Would the Jets pull the trigger on him in round 2 if they say got Cooks or Beckham Jr?

                Beckham Jr/Roby/Fiedorowicz is a tempting first 3 picks, can't lie....
                i really dislike roby by just watching his tape but why u say he just screwed his chance at 18??

                ohh nevermind dwi thannk gawddd
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                  Yes, I was very happy to hear about Roby because I was worried he might be a pick of ours. Still could be, but hopefully less likely now and possibly in the 2nd or 3rd.

                  Also, we seem to have a lot of interest in Sam and we bring him in, I hope it's because he slips terribly and Rex has the belief that he can make something of him, not because Woody wants headlines. That would probably be hard to distinguish though.
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                    Roby's OVI is laughable but his involvement with bar fight may be a concern for Jets.

                    Basing on Jets' pre visit list, my short list for 1st round selection is consist of WR Beckham, WR Cooks, CB Fuller and S Pryor.

                    I have been fixed on taking Pryor in 1st and either Bryant or Latmer in 2nd round. However, Bryant and Latmer may be taken in the 1st round. Ugh! I don't know if I have guts to try it and see if my aforementioned WR is available for 2nd round. If I did and struck out then I would nab both WR Devin Street and WR Michael Campanaro after 3rd round.

                    Maybe Jets would trade down from 18 to get extra high pick and over-reach either Bryant or Latmer. That way, Jets could get WR, CB, TE, S by 4th round.


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                      I like your short list for the first round pick Yoto. Not fixated on Pryor like you are, I don't think they value safeties that much and he's not really an athletic freak. That said if the other three are gone I think he'd be a decent BPA type option. Fuller is my favorite corner for the Jets at this point, and in a perfect world they can land Beckham or Cooks in the first (at least in my opinion).

                      Second round I would be happy with Latimer if they can't land a WR in the first. Bryant I don't like quite as much for the Jets, but there is upside. Again basing off of the pre-draft visit list I'd also be pretty happy with Bucannon (assuming no Pryor, obviously) or Amaro. Roby if his OVI (laughable as it is like you pointed out) causes him to slip would work if they don't take a WR in the first as well.

                      Saw a recent post on TJB that pulled a rumor off of another website opining that the Jets really like Marqise Lee in the first round. I wouldn't be shocked, but would be somewhat disappointed. Not a huge fan. That said, the reasoning behind it was somewhat asinine: Jet and former USC WR Vidal Hazleton has been raving about him (he's no longer a Jet), Marty Mornhinweg envisions Lee as a a DeSean Jackson type (I don't think they're remotely close in athleticism or playing style), and Idzik views Lee as a value pick since he could have gone top 5 last year (same could have gone for Robert Woods last year and countless other players who have fallen off - not a value pick because you're coming off a disappointing season).



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