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  • Originally posted by TimDris View Post
    Are we still targeting Gholston, because Pace isn't a pure pass rusher. He can play OLB or ILB which gives us a great all around player, but we need someone who's job is to get to the QB. Have we expressed interest in resigning Hobson?
    Seeing Gholston in a Pats uniform makes me cringe. I hope we're still targeting him.

    I wouldn't mind to see us resign Hobson and move him inside.


    • Hey guys, I don't know if you remember me, and a highly doubt you do but, last year, about this time, i was very active on this site. Around May or so i stopped posting and forgot my password so I didn't even bother. I have still been reading all the forums and stuff and have still checked this site more than daily but never got back into the forum. Because the Jets have been so active this offseason (only 5 days in may I add), i felt the need to get back into this. I don't know how dedicated I will be to this forum but I will try to be...And trust me I know that 51 is in my account and Vilma is gone but I don't know how to change my username so I'll just leave it as a tribute to J-Vilm.

      So I thought I would just weigh in on my opinions on our moves so far.

      I am more than happy about the players we've cut even if we didn't replace them (like we have in some of the spots)...McCareins has been a major bust other than his first year when he was known at the stadium as "Spiderman." After watching the Ravens game earlier this year, I can't fathom how that was possible but I think everyone can agree that that was a good riddance...Dyson I thought was decent and had injuries not slown him down and had he stayed out of Mangini's doghouse he could've been a more than adequate starter for us opposite Revis, but it's in the past so here's to hoping we can replace him either by free agency or the draft, and as of now it is looking like it is going to the latter...Clarke and Clement were nothing more than stopgaps and had to be cut, especially with the signings of Faneca and Woody which I will address later.

      And now to address the hotly debate Vilma trade...I don't care how much you love the guy (even I do, just see my username), you have to agree that he had to be traded this offseason. And yes I agree with the haters of this trade that Vilma really should have guaranteed second-round value (probably 1st if it werent for the injury), but he doesn't. Obviously if that is the value we got, that is the value he would be had for. The injury was obviously a concern and also he hasn't produced in the past two years. We had no leverage, so we got as much as we could. I know people say he would have been great playing next to Harris with a space-eating NT but we have no way to prove that. And even if we held on to him for a year to find out, there is no way he would resign. Even if he had success, he would definitely leave during Free Agency next offseason. His size and style of play as a sideline-to-sideline speedster are much better suited for the 3-4. So why get nothing for him when we can get something? And I know many people say we didn't get much, but you really have to disagree with that. In the 2008 draft we get a mid-4th round pick. And at first you think, oh its just a 4th, but then look at the players we have gotten recently in the 4th round. Do Kerry Rhodes and Leon Washington mean anything to any Jet fan? Exactly my point. And yes I agree that a 4th straight up for Vilma would be a little much, but we got more than that. If Vilma meets certain standards and resigns we can upgrade our 2009 4th-rounder to a 3rd or 2nd. So essentially we would be getting a 2nd or 3rd for Vilma (as we get a 4th but also give one up), which is far better than nothing, especially because of Tannenbaum's and Mangini's apparent ability to draft. And if we don't get this 2009 pick, then that means Vilma was probably not as great as he was pre-injury. Either way, we got something for him, and if we held on to him we would have gotten nothing. So we have to move on from our love of J-Vilm and look to the future.

      Now to the Jenkins trade. I love the move. Yes we gave up a 3rd and 5th round pick, but we needed a NT. An NT is probably the most important position in the 3-4, and hopefully Jenkins can fill the void at the position we have had since we switched to the 3-4. If Jenkins can play NT, which I think he fully has the ability to, this would be a huge steal. A 3rd and a 5th round pick is definitely a good deal for a stud NT. Just look at the success of the Pats 3-4 defense. This success is largely generated from the NT's (Wilfork for the Pats) ability to eat up enough space to free up the DE's and more importantly the LB's. Mangini knew he had to bring in an NT, so he did.

      Now to the Free Agent signings...I was ecstatic over the Faneca signing. Ever since the season ended, he was my top choice for the team. He is an elite LG, making 7 Pro Bowls in 10 years. Granted he is a little on the old side and we did throw a lot of cash his way, nowadays you have to give up this kind of money to get someone as good as he is. The addition of Faneca not only gives us a proven vet on our young improving line, but it will definitely help in the development of D'Brick and Mangold. They hae alwyas been missing the player in between them, and the fact that it is a proven vet just makes it all better. This move should have really solidified the left side of our line. Now our QB, whoever that may be will have his blind side protected by 3 who should all be elite at their respective positions soon. Also our RB (whether it's TJ, Leon, or McFadden) should have a left side to run behind...Now to the Woody signing. I really wasn't a big fan of him as a player, but RT was definitely a need we had. I thought we were going to draft one in Round 2 with the great depth in this draft. However, this move gives us another veteran to shore up our line. And with this flexiblity, we can still draft a RT to develop behind Woody. I know he doesn't have much experience at RT, but Mangini has experience with him from his days in NE (where Woody was a Pro Bowl C). Hopefully, Woody will be able to be the RT we so desperately need, which judging by his success in the role at the end of last season, he very well could be...Now to Calvin Pace. Although I am not a huge fan of the player we used to fill the need we had as a pass-rushing OLB, I still like the move. Yes, I would rather have Gholston in this role, it is looking more and more like he won't be left at our pick, and I think Tangini realized this. Also, if we were in a bidding war with Bill Parcells (coached the real LT and Demarcus Ware as I'm sure everyone knows) over a 3-4 OLB, he has to be a pretty good player. I do think we overspent a little, but you have to give some to get some. Also, apparently, he has the flexibility to move inside to ILB so if Gholston is left, we may still take him, which i would love to do...As for Woofolk, I don't think he is much, but we definitely needed at least some veteran CB, but i hope we can get Poteat back, because i think he is a solid player, especially in a nickel role (which means we need a #2 CB, probably in the draft). Also, I think this may lead to the release of David Barrett.

      Now if only we can get rid of Robertson to clear up some cap space, i would call this a pretty damn succesful offseason.

      Well, I hope you enjoy my monologue, and I hope I can stay an active member of the forum.


      • I just read on RealGM, so i dont konw how reliable it is, that if he is there at #4, the Raiders will take Run DMC.

        As soon as the Raiders' staff got word of Darren McFadden’s blazing 40 time at the Combine, they all resigned themselves that he is the pick no matter what they need or who else is available, according to RealGM's Jeff Risdon.
        I can't say I'm surprised becuase it's Al Davis and McFadden is so athletically gifted. If this is true, I guess that puts an end to the McFadden talks, which might not be such a bad thing. If he were left at our pick, it would be very hard not to take him, but i dont know if that would be the best pick. If we were to somehow end up with him, i wouldnt be dissapointed but i dont know that it would be such a great pick for us. with the line weve built, TJ and Leon should thrive. Hopefully, we can just have someone who isnt afraid to get into the end zone.

        Now if Gholston, Long, and McFadden are all gone...where do we turn? I think CB is the most glaring need. WR and DE depth (and of course you cant have to many LBs in the 3-4, just look at the pats) are also spots of need but I don't think 6th pick need. and although there are no CBs worthy of 6th pick, i am warming up to the idea of taking mckelvin, DRC, or mike jenkins (in no specific order...i think DRC is my favorite of the 3 but i dont wanna get caught up in the hype and just fall in love with him even though i didnt know much about pre-2008)....IF WE STAY AT 6
        it looks like we wont be trading down with dallas because they want McFadden but its lokoing like hell be gone by our pick too. if gholston long and mcfadden are all gone, and it seems almost definite that long wont fall past 5, it looks like either dorsey or ryan will be left at our pick (or both). then hopefully we can trade down a little to a team wanting one of the 2, so that we cant draft one of the top CBs at better value. if matt ryan drops to us, i could see baltimore and carolina trying to jump up to our pick. itll be interesting to see what happens


        • Welcome back man. Nice to have another Jets fan who actively participates in our discussion.
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          • Ok, so I was reading some article from the NY Daily News I believe, via and Tanny was talking about how the Jets had already bought the suite (Faneca, Jenkins etc. meaning addressing the big needs with big players) and now just needed to buy some neck ties (meaning role players for depth and backups etc. and one of the people listed as a potential "neck tie" was RB Jesse Chatman of the Dolphins....this leads me to believe that our FO realizes our running game is very solid at the moment and perhaps even if available, the luxury of McFadden is not worth it and we'd either straight up pass on him or trade out. This is just what I inferred based on a story, but I'm very pleased with that. I don't think we need to look for an RB in the first two rounds of the draft, and despite the big moves we've made already, we still have some positions that can be upgraded and I don't think we're in any position to make luxury picks really...
            Glenn Dorsey will slip...

            Jets will not take McFadden...


            • Chatman supposedly visited the Jets a few days ago.

              I wonder what it'd take to get Eugene Wilson... apparently he's another player the Tangini regime has targeted


              • Originally posted by Bluedevil$ View Post
                Chatman supposedly visited the Jets a few days ago.

                I wonder what it'd take to get Eugene Wilson... apparently he's another player the Tangini regime has targeted
                Yeah that'd be nice to add those 2.
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                • i really wouldnt wanna spend much money on chatman, to be honest i dont really want him but i wouldnt be opposed to the signing...with such a deep RB class, i would rather draft one sometime day 2, for short yardage situations and as insurance to TJ and Leon and also to possibly be our future once TJ gets too old to be productive


                  • I agree with nyjets, I dont know if its worth it. Might as well get a cheap running back later in day 2. So boys, let me ask you, of the big three (or atleast my big three) who do you want: Chris Long, Gholston, McFadden? And please possibly give a reason why.

                    -I am goin with Long becuase he is the best fight. Non stop motor, a hell of an athlete, can play 3-4 end and OLB. What more can one ask for.

                    Via BoneKrusher


                    • I really can't decide between Gholston or Long, although I don't think at this point Long will be available by our pick.


                      • i know that long is a great DE and showed at the combine he could be a great 34 OLB...and i konw that at UVA they played both 34 and 43...can long be a good 34 DE? i would expect he could be and i konw that before his combine most were projecting him to be a 34 DE and possibly even to the dolphins at #1 at taht position, but is he a great DE prospect for the 3-4?

                        but to answer your question, definitely not McFadden becuase i dont think RB is even close to as much of a need as DE/LB...i konw McFadden has rare talent and last year AD was great for the vikes, but i dont think we shoulld really go for him even though i wouldnt be opposed to the move, especially because of the depth at RB in this draft and our reported interest in chatman, and then also the questions concerning Run my answer would be long or gholston, and i know long is probably more polished but now taht we have pace, i think we should go for the pure pass rusher in gholston if available and have a rotation of gholston pace and thomas, and when we use gholston and thomas together pace can move inside to ILB or rest, which would give us patriots type depth and flexibility

                        however, i think there is a very strong chance that none of them are left...i thought mcfadden very well could be but i posted that raiders thing before and i think that they will pick him if left, so i think that the dolphins and rams will pick the two long and gholston...unless the rams or dolphins decide to go with jake long, which is definitely possible, which could lead to gholston or chris long to drop to us


                        • havent seen anybody talk about this so correct me if they have but.... I really think the fact that the jets gave 67 million dollars in guaranteed money to FA indicates a STRONG possibility of trading out of the 6th pick, logical suitor dallas. I think dallas aka jerry jones wants McFadden badly ala their desire perhaps to trade up to #1 overall. That said I think Jones has us by the balls and knows we would prefer to trade out of the 6th pick in order to reduce the amount of guaranteed moneyhitting us and our cap. Also for those who dont think mcfadden will fall to us tell me who will take him....

                          1)Dolphins: Ronnie Brown, a lot of needs and Bill Parcells who passed up Steven Jackson for Marion Barber...yea I think he knows there are good backs all over and great back rarely sit at the top w the exception of Peterson but then a counter is BLAIR THOMAS

                          2)St Louis: Stephen Jackson...if you say they could take him you should stop watching football.

                          3)Atlanta: Michael Turner HUGE DEAL and a lot of needs

                          4)Oakland: Only Possibility for McFadden, but they just resigned Fargas to a 3 year 12 million dollar contract. They also drafted michael bush last year and have a sh!t load of needs. After signing Jamarcus Russel to such a huge guaranteed contract last year can they afford to put this much money into RB with a lot of other glaring needs.

                          5) Kansas City: Unless they plan on Trading Larry Johnson which I havent read or heard about then I think its safe to say theyll go OL..

                          That brings us....
                          Jerry Jones gets value and maybe even knows we would prefer someone else bc of the money in TJ and Leon. We trade 6th overall for 22nd and 28th overall...even if we got 22nd and 3rd this year and some picks next year 2nd and or whatever would equal out next year I would be happy bc I think anyone whos researched this draft knows it is DEFINITELY not top heavy, there is a ton of talent scattered in the later rounds I think a 3rd rounder is key but hope for the 2 1sts. this is what I would do with them....

                          1a) Kentwan Balmer DE
                          1b) James Hardy WR
                          2) Antoine Cason CB
                          4) Bruce Davis OLB
                          6) Brad Cottam TE
                          7) Mike Dragosavich P

                          1st a Punter DRAFTED I know? Ben Graham is on the outs and I wanted to have a little fun...1a) helps our lack of depth for the future at DE...Coleman is 31 Ellis is a bad fit and 32 CJ Mosley is a spot player...We need help and Herushes the passer and has great size for the position.
                          1b) Big Red zone target. wwe cuked in the red zone last year and he could also take pressure off of Coles and Cotchery...Not a true #1 but still has enough speed to be close and the size weve been lacking since keyshawn.
                          2)Cason has the second best hands for corners in the draft next to IMO Cromartie...I think he is a prototypical #2 corner...speed isnt everything look at Justin Miller he sucks at CB i think he and Revis make a great tandem as revis doesnt have great hands...
                          4) I would like to see the jets get another 4th and a 5th for robertson at some time this offseason...But the pick is self explanitory Davis is a hard worker a guy who if you say he cant he does it and I think we need some depth for the future at OLB. Putting that much money into a guy like gholston as well as pace although a leathal combo...they dramatically effect plays (sacks and dont deny thats what its about bc thats what get them pais) about 15 times a year between them so no I dont want that much money in that position RIGHT NOW. If we had another pick Id debate between BEau Bell and Owen Schmidt.
                          6)I love his size and hes a high effort guy and another red zone target. 68 270. You dont like it?
                          7)Punter Like i said I was having fun.

                          If i were to change it, it would be 1a) for cromartie bc I love him and 2 for dre moore although I think thats a big reach for him. I think were not touching the OL in the draft bc of Bender and wade smith on our roster. I believe we invested the money hoping it would work and putting more in this year would be a waste so next year if this experiment with the FA OLmen doesnt work out which I doubt or we see the need to improve bender woody moore maybe even faneca then we draft.

                          TOP NEEDS NOW: WR,CB,34DE,ILB,OLB,RB,

                          I think we have an obligation moving forward to stay away from top draft picks and perhaps trading down or out of picks for future draft picks bc it seems we like the idea of investing heavily in the draft one year and FA the next and that does help the cap. I would love to trade robertson as i said for a 4th and a 5th this year then our 1st this year and one of our 4ths for dallas' 1st 3rd and 5th or theyre 1st and picks for next year (look how great it worked for the patriots and cowboys).

                          I know a lot of people doubt the money spent but it was in the right places and I read an article about our cap status and Bill Parcells called Mike Tannenbaum a cap genius considering the deals done this year and his cap work in the past after parcells left the organization in shambles CAP WISE. Moving forward we have space to work with and I like the players we have to utilize as well. I think we went from a bottom of the NFL team to middle of the pack over 48 hours the draft could boost us more and so could overachieving.

                          Im pumped and the cynics to our deals dont just say youre crazy and that the deals were bad tell me why bc Ive seen a lot of your posts just saying youre crazy the deals were terrible I DONT KNOW IF I LIKE THEM...shut up. Take a stand first of all and second of all if you cant even do that ON A BLOG NO LESS show some evidence even if its a platitude of a statement....Everyone likes responses not stupid posts just saying i disagree.

                          Jets in 08 = 8-8 today we'll see if they improve more after April 26th and 27th
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                          • Oh. I didn't realize the Fargas contract was that small. Now I'm even more convinced that McFadden will be taken by the Raiders, barring Dorsey or Ellis putting on an absolute show.
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                            • I had mentioned earlier that now that most of their gaping needs are addressed that I could see them trading down. However IMO Gholston and Mcfadden would be hard to pass up. Best case scenario is that Ryan falls to us at 6 (meaning the 2 longs, McFadden & Gholston are all gone) and someone is hot after him and gives us a boat load of picks...
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                              • I thought we had an extra pick from the Pete Kendall trade.

                                In exchange for Kendall, who has 156 career N.F.L. starts, the Jets will receive either a fifth-round draft pick in 2008 or a fourth-rounder in 2009.
                                Anyone know what we're getting?
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