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  • Although I see it unlikely we get LT, I think we would be surprised by the role LT would take and what the Jets are thinking pursuing him. Personally I think it would be equal to Green's. Tomlinson is an all-pro player and a true veteran who has been playing through injuries and playing in a pass first offense the past few seasons. All but one of his season's he had 1,000 and he is always elite in the redzone. Yes he has lost a step, but not nearly enough to diminish everything else he has. His intangibles, vision and natural ability would shine under a run first offense with the best run blocking line in the NFL. The Jets would have no choice to split the carries between green and LT equally, keeping LT fresh and truly create a rushing attack that is needed to win playoff games. And keeping Leon is essential, giving him the "reggie bush" role and create big plays either returning the ball or catching the ball, the two things he does best staying away from running between the tackles and keeping the leg healthy. I think the Jets should make a fairly decent offer to LT, but i still question LT's interest :/


    • Here is what the Jets have planned for LaDainian Tomlinson:

      -- He arrived from Minnesota here on Thursday night and the Jets welcomed him into his hotel room with a gift basket for his first child, expected this summer.

      -- He had breakfast on Friday morning with a group of team executives that included general manager Mike Tannenbaum, head coach Rex Ryan and offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.

      -- He was given a tour of the Jets facilities.

      -- He met with coaches to talk about the Jets offense and the role he would play.

      -- He was scheduled a tour of the Jets' new stadium Friday afternoon, complete with a police escort to the facility.

      -- He was expected to have dinner with Jets staff at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J.

      At each step of the itinerary, the Jets are hoping to convince this future Hall of Fame back that they have the home he seeks, the place where he can finish his NFL career and the spot that gives him a solid chance to win his first Super Bowl ring.

      Minnesota spent all day Thursday trying to convince Tomlinson of the same things.

      Though Philadelphia and New Orleans have let their interest be known in Tomlinson, as well, and though he has let them know the feeling is mutual, the Jets see the race for Tomlinson as a two-team battle between them and the Vikings.

      And a Jets executive source said, when egos become involved in acquiring a player, the Jets will be hard to beat.

      "We want this guy, and when we want a player, we typically go get the player,'' the Jets source said. "We have every intention to get him signed before he leaves.''

      But Tomlinson has already told the Jets that he wants to think things over, travel back home to visit with his wife, LaTorsha, and pray over all options.

      The Jets are praying they can convince him to sign now.

      And the courting, the convincing is in full swing.

      The Jets are willing to give Tomlinson a two-year contract equal to the two-year, $5 million-deal they would not give to departed running back Thomas Jones, now with Kansas City. They may be willing to move upwards to $3.5 million a year for Tomlinson in a contract loaded with incentives.

      That is a prime chunk of change for a running back who reaches age 31 in June and enters his 10th pro season this fall. For a back who in each of the last three seasons has seen his average yards per carry slip from 5.2 to 4.7 to 3.3.

      The Jets, however, see this back in the same manner that Vikings coach Brad Childress described him: A runner with "a decent amount of squirt'' left who "has a very good feel" between the tackles. Childress has added that Tomlinson could be No. 1A in his offense to Adrian Peterson at No. 1.

      Both teams see a third-down weapon extraordinaire, primarily as a pass receiver out of the backfield.

      The Jets view him as an answer to the Patriots' Kevin Faulk.

      But there would be issues for the Jets to manage.

      As a backup running back, Tomlinson would earn at least three times as much as starter Shonn Greene. How is that going to play? And Tomlinson would not play on special teams, thus, the Jets lose depth there.

      Schottenheimer is doing what he can to keep the Jets' interest in Tomlinson keen. He coached Tomlinson in San Diego and has told the franchise that Tomlinson is a model citizen, an important factor to have on the field and in the locker room and a dependable player. He is reminding Tomlinson that since the Jets and Chargers offensive systems and terminologies are similar, the learning curve for the player will be smaller than that with other potential suitors.

      "We've done the homework and he still has that burst when he is on the perimeter, and though his instincts as a back used to be 10 times better than everyone else, it is still a couple of times better than most,'' a Jets executive source said. "He would give us that change of pace back after you pound it and pound it with Shonn. If LaDainian stays healthy, you put him in some of the same situations our other backs were in last year with this offensive line and you will see even bigger production.

      "I know he wants to win a championship and that factors heavily into his decision. We think we can accomplish that together.''

      Now, to convince Tomlinson of that.
      I feel like that's a way to hurt the locker room chemistry, and I don't really even know if LT can handle New York. I don't really agree with anything they're doing there. But who knows. Maybe we've ascended into Yankees-dom and are able to pull these sorts of things off.
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        • from rotoworld:

          "LT arrived in New York late on Thursday night and couldn't get a flight out of town late on Friday night, so he will fly back today to give himself some time to think about where he wants to play. He would be a great third-down back for either team and could battle Shonn Greene for goal-line carries with the Jets"

          To me, if healthy Leon belongs on the field on 3rd down.
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          • Im not going to worry about LT's role unless he signs. I think it is unquestionable that our RB situation is better with him here than without him, so quibbling over who is the third down back or what LT should be asked to do is irrelevant. Behind a better O-line and partnered with a back that can batter a defense like Greene, rather than a change of pace guy in Sproles, LT should be a productive guy. I don't care about anything other than that.


            • Apparently we're having a coin toss with the Giants to decide who gets the first home game at the new stadium.


              • Originally posted by hagy34 View Post
                Viking fan with a question for Jets fans. Does NY see Tomlinson as an upgrade over Thomas Jones? I'm just wondering why the Jets would let Jones walk at what seems like a reasonable price and then turn around and go after Tomlinson. Just looking for answer from somebody who would know a heck of a lot more about the Jets plans than I would. Thanks in advance guys.
                Thomas Jones is the better back than LT is at this point imo. If not that, they're equal enough in age and ability to where the situation and o-line would make the biggest difference. The Jets obviously have the better o-line, but not better to the point where it'll make 700 yards worth of difference.

                I also don't see why you would mess with the chemistry of the locker room and the team in general.

                This whole thing makes a lot more sense if you think Jones wasn't willing to give up the driver seat to Greene. That's just speculation of course.


                • the Jets signed LT to a 2 year deal. lets hope he prooves some of us wrong by turning around his declining numb
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                  • so what is leons fate as a jet?
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                    • If something is gonna happen, I think it'll be much closer to draft day. If there's a back later in the draft who can take LW's role as an explosive reggie-bush style back then it'll really tempting not to take the pick. But who's gonna be there around the 3rd-4th rounds?

                      With that said, I don't think he'll be shipped. He's too important to our team.

                      We're just gonna have the most ridiculous rushing game with Greene and LT around 25 carries and LW 10+ touches (KR too).

                      And I doubt all three will be healthy all season. No matter what the exact rotation is, someone's gonna have really fresh legs come playoff time.


                      • NEW YORK -- The New York Jets and New York Giants both will play at home in their new Meadowlands Stadium on the opening weekend of the 2010 season.

                        The NFL says the Giants will play on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 12, while the Jets will host a Monday night game the next day.

                        Opponents have not been announced; the full league schedule usually is released in early April.

                        The Jets will host the first NFL game at the new stadium during the preseason in August.

                        Earlier Monday, the New York Daily News reported that the Giants won a coin toss conducted by the NFL to play the first game in the stadium. The Newark Star-Ledger reported that the Jets, who paid for half of the $1.7 billion stadium, were unhappy because they were not represented when the coin was tossed.

                        Only once have the Giants and Jets opened a regular season on the same weekend at Giants Stadium. In 1991, the Jets played Tampa Bay on Sunday, Sept. 1, and the Giants hosted the 49ers on Monday night, Sept. 2.
                        I like it. Good solution. We get the first "game" there and the first primetime game, while they get the first regular season game and we both get to play there the opening week. And personally, I like it better for us. We get to show off the stadium for everyone to see.
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                        • I wonder who we'll play. I cant wait to see the schedules come out!


                          • Hopefully its the Patriots


                            • After looking over our home opponents I would be surprised if it was anyone other than the Pats, Ravens, or Vikings. Each would have a great storyline, especially if Favre comes back for another year.


                              • Originally posted by msolimani View Post
                                After looking over our home opponents I would be surprised if it was anyone other than the Pats, Ravens, or Vikings. Each would have a great storyline, especially if Favre comes back for another year.
                                Doubt its the Vikes, we likely won't know if Favre is coming back until early August and the schedule is due out next month.
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