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  • I think the team is at a crossroads right now. It's a team that has been very successful at points despite major holes, and now with aging players and some holes not getting filled successfully in the offseason the team was exposed.

    Defensively, scheme for the large part helped disguise the fact that safety is an extremely weak position and linebackers in general are slow and do not cover that well. This leads to running backs and tight ends destroying the team in the passing game. On top of that, the pass rush is very poor and that showed even more this season when less blitzes were called (which is probably because safeties were so weak in coverage and getting beat for big plays was a risk).

    Offensively, Braylon Edwards was the team's biggest playmaker last year and with him gone the only big play threat left on the team was Santonio Holmes. No home run hitter at running back, no deep threat at receiver, and a below average quarterback who can't throw people open led to the team needing to execute shorter plays perfectly for long drives with defenses knowing they probably weren't going to get beat deep. The running game also was not nearly as dominant as it was in previous years, and that led to Sanchez being far less effective. Throw in an atrocious right tackle and a really bad offensive scheme and there were clear problems.

    At this point, there are three choices. One is to more or less stay the same, make some minor changes, and move forward. Leave Schottenheimer and Sanchez, maybe add a new right tackle, a new safety, maybe a new outside linebacker and a new wide receiver. Do the obvious things that need to be done.

    Another is somewhere in between staying the same and blowing things up. Do that but maybe get rid of Schottenheimer, Sanchez, or Bart Scott. Shake things up a little bit, but not too much.

    The other option is to rebuild the team and leave some of the core strengths that it has. Maybe re-sign Pouha to a one or two year deal to wait for Ellis to get ready, leave the rest of the defensive line, corners, and David Harris intact. Maybe bring back Jim Leonhard. Blow up the rest of the defense. Three new linebackers and a new safety or two. Add speed, guys who can get after the quarterback and cover backs and tight ends. Get rid of Schottenheimer, add a new #2 receiver and a running back who can actually make big plays and catch the ball out of the backfield. Obviously make that right tackle upgrade, and I think you have to think seriously about getting rid of Holmes and Sanchez if you can get away with it. Build around the defensive line, three of the offensive linemen, David Harris, the corners, and Keller. Improve the weaknesses elsewhere as best you can, add youth, speed, and playmaking ability and we'll see what happens. The team as it stands is slow and not explosive in any way, and the scheme can only make up for that so much.


    • It all starts with your head coach for me. Rex can keep his style because that's what makes him who he is but he has to tweak it a little bit. He has to stop shouldering all the blame after every loss or everything that goes wrong with this team. He has to stop blindly supporting his players when they shoot his team in the foot. He is more of a confidant to his players than he is a coach and an authority figure and the team will never be successful like that. He has to start holding players accountable and not taking on everything himself and I believe that will lead him to garner more respect from the players on the team who he should be seeking it from (Pouha, Harris, Mangold, Ferguson, Revis).

      Now, with that said, you need to build a TEAM. Right now, I don't look at the Jets and see a team. I see a bunch of guys looking for a paycheck. Distractions and me first players need to go. Santonio needs to go. Plax needs to go. Cromartie and Bart Scott need to go. Clear the locker room of the headaches and it will do wonders. Look at Eli after the Giants rid themselves of Tiki, Shockey, Plax and, to a lesser extent, Strahan. Hell, even this year. Look at what the Bengals did when they rid themselves of locker room headaches (TO, Chad and, to a lesser extent, Carson) and let their coach have control of the team with a rookie quarterback. I think ridding of those guys would only be a positive in Mark's ongoing development. Then, once that happens, I think a house cleaning should be in order. You could add Ducasse, Pace and Eric Smith to the list of the previously mentioned and start building a team around the right guys. Guys who go out and keep their mouth shut and bust their ass every week, like David Harris, Sione Pouha, Nick Mangold, D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Darrelle Revis, Dustin Keller, etc. Not only would it greatly benefit your team but I think the potential effect this could have on Sanchez could be huge.


      • it sucks that our team is so messed up that we can't even really suggest off season plans in here. i know mike t says sanchez, schotty, and holmes are all coming back, but in reality ANYTHING could happen.

        aside from all the OC/QB/WR ********, these are the top 4 things that i want addressed this offseason:

        -Offensive Tackle: To me this is the 1A priority. Whoever is at QB doesn't deserve to be on their back as much as Mark was this season. I really like Hunter as a depth/6th man guy, but there is no reason for him to be starting. I think we should address this in the first round or get a quality FA.

        -Free Safety: Obviously our 1B priority. We need to cover Gronk, Fasano, or D. Nelson 6 games a year, and we don't have anyone to do it. I think we should bring back Leonard at SS, keep Smith for special teams and inside the box formations, but then find someone who can at least attempt to cover big TEs and WRs over the middle and in the red zone.

        -OLB: Its really a shame we have so many holes in this team because I would love to take a first round pick to address this. I think we need to bring in a true pass rusher and let Westerman and Maybin battle it out for playtime/bring them both in on passing downs. We haven't had an impact pass rusher since John Abraham.

        -Explosive Offensive Player: Whether its at RB or WR (preferably both), we need to bring in a home run hitter to back defenses up. Braylon was released by SF, why not give him another chance? Aside from the drops I loved him in green.

        some additional things that would be nice:
        -Interior O-line depth
        -A #2 Tight End that can block and not take 4 penalties a game
        -Inside linebacker
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        • I'm hearing Kyle Orton won't be in KC next year. The Jets should consider bringing him and having him compete for the starting spot.


          • I am not abig Mark Sanchez fan, but the overall attitude about him is ridiculous. There are a lot of reasons to believe that he can improve next year and the fact is, his performance has not been that of a total bust who is a bottom of the league quarterback.
            1. He has only started for three years after only starting for one year in college. How many quarterbacks have improved to the point where they are at the top of their game in their third season, especially with Sanchez limited experience in college.
            2. He was getting crushed constantly all year because of Wayne Hunter.
            3. He was throwing to Santonio who was, to put in lightly, a problem and Plax was useless except in the redzone.
            4. His offensive coordinator just doesnt get it. Look at Alex Smith who was Mr. Bust and then he gets a coach that understands how to use him properly and he is now a quarterback that can, at the very least, manage an offense.
            5. He had an inconsistent running game that his O-Coordinator didn't even give a chance to often, forcing Sanchez to throw way too much.
            6. As we all know, the lockeroom was a mess and I don't think there are very many third year quarterbacks or quarterbacks in general that could have united that dysfunctional a team.
            7. My biggest issue with talking about getting rid of Sanchez is that unless they can magically get Drew Brees or trade for a healthy Peyton Manning, there aren't any options that are better outside of a high draft pick which can't happen based on the other holes on the team. Kyle Orton? Get real. When watching the game against the Redskins and I saw Kyle Boller playing terribly, I realized that Sanchez right now is not one of the worst qbs in the league. He's in the average range.

            I know a lot of you will say that a qb should be a leader and Sanchez isn't as demonstrated by the team being out of control, but just look at Eli Manning. In his first 3-4 years people were saying that he isn't a leader, wasn't very accurate, looked like a deer in the headlights on the field, etc. Sound familiar? I'm not saying Sanchez is as talented as MAnning, but the fact is how many third year qbs are the as good as they will ever be? I believe the team can win with him with the right talent around him and the right offensive mindset.
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            • Tomlinson had some interesting comments on the Sanchez-Holmes relationship, sounds like it was pretty bad. Wonder if Holmes will be gone regardless of the cap ramifications. Looks like the cap situation will be really bad too, not too much cap room. Also as I've been thinking about it, I think next year might be a good time to take some cap hits and cut some guys who will not be around long term to rebuild a bit. Not sure the team will be all that competitive regardless, would rather start that process a year early than a year late.

              Also, would like to see more two tight end sets next year. Good for running the ball and it doesn't look like WR situation will be great next year. If we can find another TE it'd suit the style and make personnel a bit easier as well.


              • I would say WR is pretty clearly a big need as well with the Holmes situation and Burress as a FA. The offense really needs more explosiveness in general, big plays were few and far between last year.


                • Jets are probably looking at guys like McNutt, Jerell Robinson, or Jeff fuller in round 4 or 5 for wide out. Markelle Martin would be great if they can nab him round 2, but I think drafting Barron round 1 would be a catastrophic mistake. He is not worth pick 16, not by a mile. I think Upshaw/Ingram is a no brainer round 1
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                  • Not sure I agree with you about the WR situation, I can't see taking a guy in the 4th or 5th round and expecting him to play a significant role right away let alone start. It's FA or an earlier round at that position in my opinion at a bare minimum, if Holmes gets the axe it's even more significant because you have to bring in two starters. Need to make sure your investment at quarterback has guys he can throw to and the offense is the weaker side of the football anyway.

                    Don't think Upshaw/Ingram is a no brainer in the first round either. A legitimate option to consider, but far from a no brainer for me. Think there are questions how both project (Ingram moreso) with their size and lack of elite athleticism as pass rushers. Upshaw at least I think is going to be a guy you can plug and play and expect to be rock solid as a 3-4 OLB since he's just a good football player and has experience playing the position, but not sure he's going to be an elite pass rusher. Ingram's versatile, but much more of a roll of the dice since with his size/arms he can get engulfed by tackles and he doesn't nearly have Upshaw's experience playing the position.


                    • I don't like any of the receivers the Jets can get value-wise in the draft early. If alshon slips to 2nd round pick 15, awesome, if not then one of the day 3 guys I mentioned. Who do you suggest they get and with what pick? Any scenario where a wr gets taken round 1 is awful in my opinion.
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                      • I don't necessarily think they need to draft a WR in the first round, and would prefer they sign somebody in FA on the cheap (Braylon Edwards would be fine by me) if they can. However, I would be shocked if they let a mid-round rookie come in and expect him to start on a team that had an anemic offense last year mostly due to a poor passing game. They're going to want whoever is playing quarterback (and I'd be shocked if it wasn't Sanchez, meaning all the more need to improve the supporting cast) to have some weapons.


                        • So perhaps Wayne Hunter won't be starting this year. Thoughts on the Otah acquisition?


                          • Love it. I think we're all aware that Otah has been an underachiever being a former first round pick, but he's pretty solid when he's healthy. Hunter was brutal last year so I'm not surprised at all we went out and got somebody. I'm assuming they'll compete for the job but if he's healthy, Otah will be the starting RT.

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                            • Excited about the Otah signing. Probably just because he isn't Hunter. Another boom or bust addition for the Jets. He's only appeared in 4 games over the last two years, and Panther reporters and coaches have questioned if he cares about football, along with some labeling him "soft". But he is young, and a former first round pick, so I'm hoping for upside here.


                              • Our run D is awful. But the Dolphins also just appear to be very good at run blocking. Anytime a player has a non-contact injury and they're grimacing in pain on the ground, I think they're done for the season.

                                Greene still looks awful, and I love the energy Powell's running brings. For a time they kept running Powell on consecutive plays, and I was hoping he was going to be spelled by Tebow instead of Greene. His pass-catching is also certainly a plus.

                                Sanchez is going to get a lot of hate from the national media, but honestly the supporting cast is just awful. He made a lot of plays and people really weren't helping him out. Howard, not really surprisingly, was getting run around all day. Our receivers really were never able to get separation (most of their big plays came off of picking apart zones and throws into tight windows, at least from my perspective), and Miami's corners are nothing to write home about. The rushing attack... is a work in progress. I don't really believe in the Wildcat as they're running it. If Sanchez is to actually come off the field, I feel like it should only be for short yardage situations. Otherwise, I think both players should be out there.

                                The game against the 49ers will be a tough one. I heard Willis got hurt, but as great as he is, even if he doesn't play, it's not really that crippling of a loss. Since our biggest struggles right now seem to be stopping the run and, as it's been for a while, covering TEs, this match-up is going to be a awfully difficult. We'll have to have the ball bounce our way more often than not.

                                But here's to the win!
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