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    Originally posted by Zim3031 View Post
    The Jones thing is really on the border. I personally don't expect him to be run into the ground enough to grind out 1300/1400 yards. We have a very deep backfield going into the season. 1300 actually seems like the perfect number, but going over seemed to be on the Curtis Martin type scale.

    And come on, 16 games for Pennington again? Not only just because of his injury history, but if the team is not very successful and Pennington is in the middle, Clemens could easily become the starter mid season.
    Like I said, I'd give Pennington playing 16 about a coinflip, and that's probably being pretty generous (alright, very generous). I could see it happening because Mangini is committed to him and he does play through injuries at times, plus I think if he gets hurt this season his career is pretty much over and he knows that. But your points were completely valid and I agree with both.


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      Over / Under

      Jets win 10 games this year. Ummm i think they'll win 10 so... even?

      Pennington throws for over 3,700 yards and has 21+ TDs. (3,300ish last year and 17 TDS) Under

      Thomas Jones has at least 1,300 rushing yards. Under

      The Jets will have 3 players in the Pro Bowl. Under

      Fact or Fiction

      Brad Smith will score a TD this season. Fact

      Vilma will not struggle in the 3-4. Fact

      Pennington starts all 16 games this season. Fiction

      Jets will win the division. Fiction
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