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    Looking forward to this season, we dont have the tuffest of schedules and have a good chance to put up a respectable record and maybe get a hot streak going in the first half, where the schedule is easier. And if we can get some good chemistry going into the 2nd half we can maybe win some tough games against good teams and who knows

    Week 1: vs Lions
    The Lions offense is high-powered and the Raider D will have their hands full, but theyre up to the task. The Raider DL controls the line of scrimmage and puts consistent pressure on Jon Kitna while Washington and Asomugha do a respectable job on Williams and Johnson. The Raiders passing attack fails to find its rhythm against the Lions Cover 2 D, but our running game is effective and we are able to get our short passing game going on some drives and get a couple big plays to Jerry Porter, who the Lions dont have a real answer to.
    W, 24-10 (1-0)

    Week 2 at Denver
    The Broncos get Travis Henry going, and he rushes for over 100 and the Broncos are able to control the pace of the game. Offensively, the Raiders struggle. Champ and Bly give our receivers problems and our running game is stagant.
    L, 19-7 (1-1)

    Week 3 v Cleveland
    With Charlie Frye still at QB, the Browns offense is somewhat stagnant. Jamal Lewis is held in check, but the Browns are able to get some big plays through the air. The Raiders offense looks its best in years, Jordan goes over 100 yards, and McCown has himself a good game.
    W, 27-17 (2-1)

    Week 4 at Miami
    The Raiders are able to lock down the Dolphin offense, keeping Ronnie Brown in check, putting the pressure on Trent Green and creating turnovers. The Raiders offense struggles but they win a low scoring game
    W, 17-3 (3-1)

    Week 5 BYE

    Week 6 at San Diego
    Going to SD to play against LT, Gates, Rivers and Merriman is never nice and the Chargers' stars shine as usual against us. Merriman continues his dominance of the Raiders as the Chargers front line dominates the Raiders O-line and the Raiders D is able to slow down but not stop the Chargers offensive onslaught
    L, 24-10 (3-2)

    Week 7 vs Kansas City
    The Raiders know the key to stopping the Chiefs is stopping Larry Johnson. Easier said than done and Larry Johnson has a strong game. However, the Chiefs passing attack is extremely ineffective, making it very hard for them to sustain their drives and capitalize when they get in Raider territory. The Raiders passing attack is in full effect, with Porter and Curry both having big games.
    W, 20-10 (4-2)

    Week 8 at Tennessee
    The Raiders know the key to this game is shutting down Vince Young and Rob Ryan draws up a gameplan to do exactly that. The Raiders athletic and speedy defense mixes up its coverages and stops Vince Young from making plays on his feet in a masterful defensive performance. The Raiders' west coast offense continues to build up steam, with Porter and Curry working the middle of the field and Jordan and Rhodes prove to be a solid tandem and provide a solid running game as the Raiders' offense seems to be finding its rhythym
    W, 20-7 (5-2)

    Week 9 v Houston
    With the Texans coming into town and the Raiders hot, they realize they have the opportunity to stretch their lead and have a serious shot at a playoff campaign. The Raider defense once again carries the load, keeping Ahman Green in check, putting the pressure on Matt Schaub and keying on Andre Johnson all game, with Asumgha and Huff shadowing him. The Raider O struggles some and commits turnovers, but the D comes up with enough big plays to gut out an ugly win.
    W, 13-9 (6-2)

    Week 10 v Chicago Bears
    The Raiders look to keep their hot streak going but the Bears prove to be too much as their defense generates numerous turnovers and Cedric Benson has a big day en route to a road win for the Bears
    L, 20-10 (6-3)

    Week 11 at Minnesota Vikings
    The Vikings cover 2 is able to keep the Raider short passing game in check, but the Raiders find themselves striking downfield and Porter turns in a big game. Slowing down the Viking rushing attack proves to be a challenge but they shut down the Viking pass game and win despite the Vikings controlling the tempo of the game
    W, 17-13 (7-3)

    Week 12 at Kansas City Chiefs
    The Raiders go into KC facing the same challenge of holding LJ in check, and once again have trouble doing it. LJ goes over 100 but Croyle struggles mightily. Jamarcus sees his way into the starting lineup do to an injury to McCown and lights up the KC secondary.
    W, 21-17 (8-3)

    Week 13 v Denver Broncos
    Coming off two huge road wins the Raiders are sitting pretty but none other than the Denver Broncos are coming into town. Jay Cutler has a strong performance against a worn down Raider defense and the Bronco D once again suffocates the Raider O.
    L, 31-10 (8-4)

    Week 14 at Green Bay
    The going doesnt get any easier for the Raiders and they hit the road for GB in wintertime. Favre has a strong game and the Jamarcus struggles in the offense as Harris and Woodson give the Raider receivers problems and GBs DL controls the line of scrimmage
    L, 24-13 (8-5)

    Week 15 v Indianapolis
    With the Raiders badly needing a win to stay in the playoff hunt, the superbowl champs come to into town. The Colts cover 2 D looks good, Peyton Manning is on point and Joseph Addai turns in a strong performance. The Raiders battle the Colts the whole way, but in the end the Colts do what they do best and thats win games.
    L, 27-20 (8-6)

    Week 16 at Jacksonville
    The Raiders brutal second half doesnt get any easier and with 2 games remaining the Raiders need to win against the Jags and Chargers to have a shot at the playoffs. However, those dreams get dispelled in Jacksonville in a full dismantling of the Raiders. Maurice Drew and Byron Leftwich both have big days and the Raiders just cant get a lot going vs a tough Jaguar defense
    L, 24-6 (8-7)

    Weel 17 v San Diego
    A strong Charger team comes into town to finish out the season against a Raider team playing for pride after losing 4 straight to bow themselves out of the playoff race. But the Raiders show up for the game in a big way with a great defensive effort and are able to get their offense going as Russell makes some pretty passes downfield for big-play strikes and gives the Raider fans a lot to look forward to as they end the season on a promising note.
    W, 21-13 (9-7)

    Offensive MVP: Jerry Porter
    Defensive MVP: Warren Sapp

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    i predict 7-9 or 8-8 this year........people think im nutz think they wont win more then 4 games. We lost last year because our offense was horrendous and if our offense was even mediocre at best we could of won 7 to 8 games because our defense played that well. Seeing that if our defense plays up to our last year standards or even better and our offense which couldnt be any worse then it was last year i can see us winning 7 to 8 games this year through our defense. We will be third in the division as well i think the chiefs will have a struggle especially if LJ isnt playing.



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