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    Originally posted by bernbabybern820 View Post
    Best case scenario would be trading down with the cards. That guarantees that either Russell, Quinn, Peterson, Johnson, or Thomas will be left and i would be happy with anyone of those players.
    I agree with this 100%
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      Yeah, that would be my 2nd favorite scenario, it would probably be Quinn or Peterson left over at #5.


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        Originally posted by LSURaider View Post
        I go to LSU and have been watching Jamarcuss for two years. He is simply the most physically talented QB I have ever watched. He can make throws and plays that no one can make. CJ is unreal as well, but can Walter or whoever else really get him the ball well. I think Jamarcuss could produce more numbers and more wins with our current WR core than Calvin could with Walter. Trust me, Jamarcuss is a difference maker to the max. I want JR. GEAUX TIGERS!

        P.S. Maybe we can convince Glen Davis to enter the draft next year and put him at TE!

        Ive seen Russell paly for a while too. I 100% agree with your post. He is the best QB prospect ive seen in a while. We will we be foolish not to take him
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