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    last year as u should all know we lost the coin flip to the niners for the 6thpick. if we wont that do you think we would have picked davis over huff?

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    Yeah I think we might have picked Vernon Davis. Our need at TE wasnt as apparent then, but it was still a need and Davis woulda been too good to pass up. I would honestly prefer it if we would have taken Davis. I like Huff but Vernon Davis would be nice.


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      I definitely love Huff a lot more than Davis. Davis was injured quite a bit this season so I don't know how good he is, but early on I remember him having the 'dropsies'.


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        Im glad that didnt happen.Not for the fact that Davis cant be a good player.BUt I wouldnt want him coached by Shoops and B&B in his first year.
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          Yah I like the Huff choice myself. He came on nicely at the end of the year. I wouldn't be surprised for him to become an Ed Reed-like presence at the back for us. I think you'll see Rob Ryan finding more creative ways to utilize him this next year.

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            Davis likely would've been the pick. Both are nice players, and Davis was absolutely dominant in blocking towards the end of last year, but I really like Huff, and if he can possibly learn to focus his hitting a tad bit lower then I think he'd be a very complete defensive player.


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              I think both of them underacheved juste a little bit in there rookie season. They probabley thid just Ok, but they were so many difference makers in that rookie class (like we have never whitnessed before), that it looks like they underacheved.

              Huff solidified a great secondary for us, Davis would probabley have struggled a lot in are offense. I rather have my top pick beeing a rookie in a quality unit than an awefull mess.


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                Vernon Davis is the dream mold of today's tight ends. I would of taken VD over MH, Huff is good but if we were to get a good TE like VD i think our offense would be in the top ten. Considering if we revamped our o-line that would help alot.

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