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TSN: Russell out, CJ in?

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    I just want Lane Kiffin to get his guy.

    whoever that is...
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    Taking a Knapp.


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      Originally posted by DraftMichaelHuff View Post
      My dream idea for both sides (cause i dont mind the raiders) would be what was outlined earlier.
      #33 for Shaub

      You guys get Calvin
      You guys trade Moss
      The bucs dont get Calvin
      We fill needs
      You guys get a 25 year old QB who is more proven than there suspect high round propects in this draft and is farmiliar with the NFL
      You guys solidify the lines for the rest of the draft.

      Then say atl goes
      10 Carricker
      33 Staley
      42 Merriweather

      You guys go
      #1 CJ
      #33 Matt Shaub
      then O line onwards

      The tender offer we have for Shaub is really a dream IMO and when an offer like #33 comes in im sure Petrino will make it happen especially with FS DE and OT being such glaring needs and the fact that we need starters
      id take that everyyear

      "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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        I believe the Raiders still take Russell. When they brought Jeff Garcia in, Garcia said he wanted assured that they would not take a QB in the draft. Oakland wouldnt do that so Garcia signed with the Bucs. I think that basically said Oak will take Russell.

        They have 1 QB on the roster. I espect them to draft a Qb and then sign a veteran.


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          CJ and Matt is THE plan.

          Al will find a way to get Schaub if he wants him, thats for sure.

          I will have problems sleeping at night if we put are team in the hands of a guy that cant get in shape for the Combine.


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            Oh and caracter wise, I like more that option than Russell and Randy Moss.


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              i still think AD has a cgood chance of being drafted 1st


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                Originally posted by gbpackers0065 View Post
                i still think AD has a cgood chance of being drafted 1st
                ya if jordan is gone but he wont be we picked up his bonus

                "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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                  look a WR like him come along once in a life time....he is a years 2008 draft has a good cropp of QB's...don't worry about this year....i hope you guys get CJ...then in 2008 get either Chad Henne(Mich) or Colt Brennan(HI) start slow...your team is gonna be scary for years to come



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