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    This is just a hypothetical question....what if we swapped first round picks with Arizona and got Boldin? I'm not an expert on the trade scale, so I don't know if they would need to throw in a 4th or if we would need to put a conditional pick, but how would that sound? I think that would work out great, since this draft is so equal throughout the top 20, and we would still have a chance to get Beatty.

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    It would take a pretty good amount, I think swapping first round picks and a 2nd rounder.


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      It's an interesting idea. How old is Boldin btw?

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        28. I think we would be able to get 4-5 good years out of him. Worth it imo.


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          #7 is too much for Boldin. If we would get a 2nd or 3rd with Boldin I would be happy to do it.

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            Let's just focus on the guys we could potentially land at #7 instead. Since we're primarily a heavy-run offense and Boldin is considered to be a 'malcontent', I don't think it would be a good marriage here. I'm not sure Russell is ready for that kinda receiver in this stage of his development either. Great player, but I'll pass.


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              Boldin's a malcontent about his contract. He wants to be paid like Fitzgerald. If a team ponied up the bread, he'd be alright.

              Swapping #1 picks wouldn't be nearly enough. Their starting price is a 1 and a 3, reportedly. They'll come down, but how much? Also, this draft is weak at the top, so they may not be inclined to pay a top 10 salary to a player who's really not all that much better than the guys they could get at 31.

              It'd be a great add if we could get him, but would Al give up that kinda of scratch for a YAC receiver? Boldin isn't going to stretch the field the way Al would like. But, he's a beast and can break tackles as well or better than any WR in the league.

              All things considered, I'd probably offer up that #7 pick for him. That'd be a lot better than wasting it on Andre Smith, and I don't see either Crabtree or Maclin being half the player that Boldin is.
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