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My final Raiders draft.

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  • My final Raiders draft.

    Round I- WR Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech

    Despite the latest buzz that Crabtree has proven he is indeed one of the top two players in the draft, I think he will fall to us IF Cleveland does not trade Braylon Edwards. Crabtree will provide Russell the #1 WR he so desperately needs. Crab combines special skills along with the on-field competitiveness that make him a rare find at the WR spot. Crab will be the true flanker, Schillens the spit end and the winner of Sheilds/Higgins will be the slot man.

    Round II- DE/DT Jarron Gilbert, San Jose State

    Surprise surprise. It is a rareity for me to recommend a player that i have never seen play, but I feel pretty confident based on all the information that I have gathered that Gibert would be an excellent choice to bolster the defense. This guy is a freak in the Julius Peppers/Mario Williams arena. At 6'5" 288, he ran a 4.76 at his Pro Day. He has a ridiculous build with huge, long arms, a small waist and also a very thick lowerbody. I mean his ass makes Jerry Porter's ass look like a boil by comparison. Despite his size and height, he is able to play low and displays good balance. Remember, we run a 4-3 defense and we are to have success, you have to have at least one rugged DE that can hold his position and stop the run. As is the case with the addition of Crabtree, it's a perfect fit. Gilbert would surplant Richardson as the base end and Richard should be excellent insurance in his back up role. Scott and Gunheim will man the weak side and another unit is complete.

    Round III- MLB Jasper Brinkley, South Carolina

    As I have argued time and time again, stopping the run is not merely a function of that DT position, therefore replacing a lone DT is not the complete remedy for a porus run defense. Pop quiz: Name one run stuffing LB on the roster. There are calculus problems that are easier to answer. Brinkley is pretty well known in college football. He was thought to have been the #1 MLB prospect going into the 2007 season before he blew his knee out. He enjoyed a fine season last year and is showing no ill effects from the devastating injury. This guy could be our Michael Bush at MLB.

    Round IV- SS Michael Mitchell, Ohio University
    I know what you are thinking, this is too low for a S. Well, that's what happens when you piss away 5th rounders from previous years' bad deals. Some needs may not get met in the draft. I rank S as a high need, but I don't know that I would sacrifice any of the choices I made in the preceding rounds for a rookie S. There are still the june 1st cuts, not to mention Taylor Mays in next year's draft! Mitchell is coverted by the Raiders and is still off most teams radar. He is a large in the box SS that could provide us some serious run support.[/quote]

    Round VII- C Blake Schlueter, TCU

    Here is another guy we had in for a private workout. Looks like a ZBS weakling!! If we had him in, it's because we think that he fits the system. He has a great chance to settle in as the back up C.
    Kaepernick is this years pat white. Thin, gimmick offense and doesn't possess an nfl arm. The ncaa constantly regurgitates clones of past players and amazingly enough, tricks some people into thinking they're better than their cloned half. Kaepernick was a complete waste of a senior bowl qb spot. A better qb will come from the east/west shrine or whatever they're calling it now...count on it

    - Genius

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