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Week 10 Raiders vs Chiefs

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    I imagine that the Redskins will hold onto Campbell if they can (via a short contract), even if they plan to draft a quarterback. Carr does absolutely nothing for me, but Clemens is sort of intriguing. That said, I think Pennington probably has two more seasons in him after this one and he's easily the best available option.

    If this team has any shot at winning without completely blowing up the roster, it has to be through running the football and playing solid defense. Getting in a smart game manager is the best possible solution right now.


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      Originally posted by Xonraider View Post
      We suck so much, its not even funny. Btw PMD, you're a smart man. Chad Pennington is the one of the most accurate QBs in the NFL, but he can't go deep. He'll never be a Raider.
      Sad, but probably true. However, this offseason could see some interesting changes. Al's going to hire a HC from outside the organization (ever notice how that alternates in Oakland?) and to get someone he actually wants, he's likely going to have to make some concessions (or we'll be coached by Pat Hill...wooh). Will Al allow a starting QB who can't throw deep? Probably not. Will a better option present itself? Probably not. We just have to see how the chips fall.


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        If everything goes as planned, Gradkowski should be able to start this week vs Cincinnati. If Gradkowski's play in that game, and the rest of the season is better than Russell's, we should be looking on how to get rid of Russell. Trade? Who is going to take him "fat" contract? Maybe if he resigns a deal. Release? Looks like a no capped season, so now is the time to do it. Restructure Contract? Id rather get rid of his ass. He has showed he is not dedicated to become a NFL QB. As a QB you are expected to come in inshape and lead the offence.

        Now Im not expecting Gradkowski to play lights out the rest of the season, but he should outplay Russell. Gradkowski isnt our future though. He is a serviceable QB that in the right situation can come in and win a few games. The following are options through F/A that seem to fit our type of QB

        QB Jason Campbell Washington Redskins
        Young, strong armed QB, former 1st round pick. Has had his chance in Washington to shine, but has been up and down his whole career. Change of scenery might change it? He has a good enough arm to play for us, and well is better than JaMarcus

        QB David Carr New York Giants
        The former #1 pick overall was put into a bad situation right from the start. Asking him to start 16 games as a rookie in a brand new team is something that shouldnt have happened. His lat 3 seasons though as a Texan were alot better than what we have had for the last 7 years. Carr has the arm and expierence to come in and help us.

        QB Kellen Clemens New York Jets
        The former 2nd round pick has had Brett Favre, Chad Pennington and Mark Sanchez starting in front of him his whole career. He has had some play time over him few years in NY, but at 26 years old, if he is a NFL QB, he will show it now. Clemens has a decent arm, and good accuracy.

        Now on to the draft, I dont think we can handle drafting a QB early in the draft. Id much rather take a chance on one of those 3 QB's. But if I had to choose a QB from this years draft, Id take Jimmy Clausen. Has the arm and play time to be a NFL IMO. He is a California kid who would be loved by fans from the start. But having a rookie QB contract is too much to handle right now.

        If we are able to pick up one of the 3 F/A QB's, I hope we go DT, DE or OT with our top 10 pick. Prospects that have really stood out for me are: DT Ndamukong Suh, DE Everson Griffen, OT Russell Okung and OT Anthony Davis. Suh is pretty much a Richard Seymour clone coming out of Nebraska. He is great against both the pass and run. He isnt a perfect fit at NT in a 4-3, but is alot better than Kelly and Warren. Griffen is the type of athlete Al likes. He compares to Dwight Freeney with his great pass rush and small height. Okung is with out a doubt the #1 OT right now. He is the classic LT that isnt the prospect Joe Thomas or Jake Long was, but is still worth a top pick. Davis is a huge prospect from Rutgers than be a probowler at almost every posistion on the Oline. At 6'6 325lbs+, you might think he isnt a athlete, but if you watch film on him, the big man can move. If we draft one of the OT's, I think we will need to decide on if Mario Henderson can play LT. If Okung is drafted, we should move Henderson to RT, if Davis is drafted, I have them battle it out

        "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis



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