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    Little known fact: The Raiders aren't out of the playoff hunt.

    (from another forum)
    Originally posted by SteelAngel2000
    Okay guys, hear me out here. This may sound crazy. But it entirely possible that the Raiders-- the 4-8 Oakland Raiders-- can realistically win out and make the playoffs with an 8-8 record. Have a look at the current contenders and their remaining (and what would need to happen for Oakland to get in) schedules:

    Denver Broncos: 8-4, 6-3 AFC

    @Indy - L
    Oakland - L
    @Philly - L
    KC - W

    Finish 9-7, 7-5 AFC

    Jacksonville: 7-5, 6-2 AFC

    Miami - L
    Indy - L
    @New England - L
    @Cleveland - L

    Finish 7-9, 6-6 AFC

    Miami: 6-6, 4-4 AFC

    @Jacksonville - W
    @Tennessee - L
    Houston - L
    Pittsburgh - L

    Finish 7-9, 6-6 AFC

    NY Jets: 6-6, 5-5 AFC

    @TB - W
    Atlanta - L
    @Indy - L
    Cincinnati - L

    Finish 7-9, 5-7 AFC

    Baltimore: 6-6, 6-4 AFC

    Detroit - W
    Chicago - W
    @Pittsburgh - L
    @Oakland - L

    Finish: 8-8, 6-6 AFC

    Tennessee: 5-7, 3-7 AFC

    St. Louis - W
    Miami - W
    San Diego - L
    @Seattle - W

    Finish: 8-8, 4-8 AFC

    Houston: 5-7, 4-6 AFC

    Seattle - W
    @St. Louis - W
    @Miami - W
    New England - L

    Finish: 8-8, 5-7 AFC

    Pittsburgh: 6-7, 4-6 AFC

    Green Bay - L
    Baltimore - W
    @Miami - W

    Finish: 8-8, 6-6 AFC

    Oakland: 4-8, 3-6 AFC

    Washington - W
    @Denver - W
    @Cleveland - W
    Baltimore - W

    Finish: 8-8, 6-6 AFC

    So if ALL that happens, which looks like a hell of a lot at once, but if you go through each game individually, nearly all of them seem possible or even likely, you'd have Denver getting in as the 5 seed with a 9-7 record, and then five teams finishing at 8-8. Houston and Tennessee drop out because of a 5-7 and 4-8 conference record, leaving Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Oakland tied for the 6th spot with equal 6-6 AFC records.

    Since Baltimore and Pittsburgh are in the same conference, the divisional record would be applied to those two teams first, to eliminate one of the three. Baltimore would finish with a 3-3 record, while Pittsburgh would finish at 2-4. The Steelers would be eliminated.

    This would leave the Ravens and Raiders left, and the head to head victory of the Raiders over the Ravens would put the Raiders into the playoffs.
    These are how the games this week need to go for this to happen.

    The Browns need to beat the Steelers (woo!)
    Miami needs to beat Jacksonville (done)
    Baltimore needs to beat Detroit(done)
    Oakland needs to beat Washington

    This thread is now reserved for the discussion of the unlikely and potentially hilarious occurrence of the Raiders sneaking into the playoffs, thereby proving that Richard Seymour is a witch.
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    If we make the playoffs... you dont know how happy I will be.

    One thing I saw is the jags losing to the browns.....
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    "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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      That's true. It's week 17 and the Jags will fighting for a playoff spot while the Browns won't be. That said, I definitely wouldn't consider it out the realm of possibility.


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        One of the most unlikely occurrences in sports for sure. I have a hard time seeing us defeat the Skins today @ home, let alone win out. But it's something cool to keep in perspective on the season, a false idealism Raiders fans are notorious for. I understand this all hypothetical and it gives us hope; with Bruce Almighty under center I wouldn't completely disregard the possibility, though ...


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          God damn that would be funny. I think it's a long shot for us to finish the season off 2-2 let alone make the playoffs, but it would sure make some jaws drop.


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            "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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              Well, so much for that...



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