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Hue Jackson to take job with Raiders as Offensive Coordinator

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  • Hue Jackson to take job with Raiders as Offensive Coordinator
    Many reports are indicating that Hue Jackson will sign on to the Oakland Raiders staff and become their offensive coordinator.

    Jackson was expected to talk to the Chicago Bears on Tuesday for that same job, but that was nixed and now it appears that the he’ll depart the Baltimore Ravens to head to the Bay Area
    Very happy about this. Maybe he could fix JaMarcus. All I hope is he is a good play caller

    "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis

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    **** I wanted him back in Cincy


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      Sounds like a good idea, Flacco wasn't all of ready once he stepped in , hopefully he can develop our project
      Originally posted by ATLDirtyBirds
      Coples is that dude.
      Go Amare. I Love Tayshaun Prince...

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        I'm not holding out any hope that he'll fix JR, that appears to be a near impossible task. I'm just glad Cable won't be calling the plays anymore.


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          i just hope he is a better player caller than Cable. I'm not gonna worry about him fixing Russell, no one can fix Russell.
          Taking a Knapp.


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            If there was ever a QB guru we had a shot to hire who could make an NFL QB out of Russell, it's this guy. But, then again, they said similar things with Gholston when Rex Ryan came aboard. Some guys just never get it.


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              Playing Gholston in his actual position would do more to help him than just having a great defensive mind on staff. Not really similar situations.



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