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Raiders Cut Javon Walker and Greg Ellis

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  • RaiderNation
    started a topic Raiders Cut Javon Walker and Greg Ellis

    Raiders Cut Javon Walker and Greg Ellis
    The Oakland Raiders took advantage of the uncapped off-season the NFL is operating under and dumped one of the biggest free agent busts in league history.

    Wide receiver Javon Walker was released per ESPN reports.
    About damn time Walker was gone. I wanted to keep Ellis for another year. He had a good effect of the team with his leadership. Hopefully this means we are making room for some F/A's

  • SwagU
    Thank god Walker was cut. Now he can finally retire because I know no one is as dumb as Al Davis and is going to talk him out of it this time. Ellis had good leadership, but his knees are ****** and his best days are far behind him. This means Shaugnessy is goona get alot more playing time this year. Wonder if Scott will start at DE or be at OLB ?

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