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2010 Oakland Raiders Season Thread

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  • 2010 Oakland Raiders Season Thread

    This is the place to discuss all things Oakland for the upcoming 2010 season. All draft talk should be confined to the other appropriate threads, but after the 24th is over, this is the place to post!

    In the mean time, the schedule for this year...

    August 12 : @ Dallas
    August 19-23 : @ Chicago
    August 26-29 : San Francisco
    September 2 : Seattle

    Regular Season
    September 12 : @ Tennessee
    September 19 : St. Louis
    September 26 : @ Arizona
    October 3 : Houston
    October 10 : San Diego
    October 17 : @ San Francisco
    October 24 : @ Denver
    October 31 : Seattle
    November 7 : Kansas City
    November 14 : BYE WEEK
    November 21 : @ Pittsburgh
    November 28 : Miami
    December 5 : @ San Diego
    December 12 : @ Jacksonville
    December 19 : Denver
    December 26 : Indianapolis
    January 2 : @ Kansas City

    (BOLD - Indicates home games, but might just as well indicate blackouts)

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    Any primetime games?


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      19th toughest schedule -- could've been much, much worse. If we don't make significant strides this season and come away with seven or eight victories then I'll be truly let down.

      For a team with as many difficulties containing the run as we do, that is not the opening game I would've dreamed for. It'll give us a great barometer of where our team is defensively versus as balanced of an offensive attack as the Titans can potentially have on any given week.


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        Unless we get a nose, CJ is going to run wild.

        mucho props to wiscbadgerfootball

        Originally posted by scottyboy
        like honestly lebron, instead of south beach, why don't you take your talents and just shove them up your ass.


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          Gets a little tougher in the 2nd half, but overall it would appear to be a fairly easy schedule.


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            Originally posted by LookItsAlDavis View Post
            Any primetime games?
            Not a single one.


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              This is a easy schedule. With the right picks we should be around .500

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                Espn is doing a 30 for 30 show about the Raiders the impact they have had on LA. Ice Cube directing it should be a great watch. May 11th

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                  If this wasn't already totally obvious...

                  Originally posted by PFT
                  Raiders coach Tom Cable says that quarterback Jason Campbell shouldn't assume that he'll be the starting quarterback in 2010.

                  Still, a source with knowledge of the situation tells us that, absent a complete meltdown by Campbell, he'll be the Week One starter for the Raiders.

                  So why is Cable throwing water on the anointment of Campbell? The likely explanation is that Cable is trying to instill a sense of competition in the offseason program and coming training camp. It's also possible that the Raiders want JaMarcus Russell to think that he'd have a chance to keep the job if he agrees to restructure a contract that currently pays him $3 million in guaranteed salary and $6.45 million in non-guaranteed salary.

                  Regardless, Campbell currently is in line to become the next starting quarterback -- and hopefully to provide the kind of leadership that the offense hasn't enjoyed since Rich Gannon retired.


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                    I think we are a 7-9 or 8-8 team but if McFadden lives up to expectations and stays healthy I could seriously see us as a wild card team

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                      Every single game on the schedule except the St. Louis one is going to be a fight, I know that much. It could turn out that some of the weaker teams on our schedule turn out to be Denver and KC, but those games are never walks in the park. At worst I think we split our games with those two and I think I'm willing to predict a win against Seattle too. That's 4 wins I'm pretty sure about.

                      The rest is a toss-up. It all depends on how much we improve and how much the playcalling on both sides of the ball progresses. If it reverts back to old tendencies, we're probably a 5 or 6 win team again.
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                        Nice vids to watch about our draft and Jason Campbell



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                          Heres some news Ive heard. We have no interest in John Henderson so dont get your hopes up. We are waiting for teams to make more cuts then will add another DT. I dont have any DT's off the top my head that are expected to be cut though

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                            Ok, I typically don't like posting on other teams' boards(especially the raiders, most of you being illiterate and all, just kidding). but I think you guys had an amazing draft. McClain, two bookend tackles and legit QB. I wrote Oakland as a split this year for KC, but lilke one of you said, if you get mcfadden to live up to his hype and Cable can coach up his young tackles. I'd be a little worried about the raiders come september.
                            hate him back, it works for me.


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                              Heres a nice fact about Jared Veldheer. He didnt give up a single sack in his 4 years at Hillsdale

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