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Week 5 Chargers @ Raiders

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    Hue Jackson is an offensive genius. Probably my favorite person in the organization at this point. And I ******* love Zach Miller.


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      Off topic a bit, but Im disappointed in Branch this season. He played very good last year and I thought he would make the jump to being a pro bowl type player this year, instead he took a step backwords and seems pretty average to me. Cant cover, still decent in run support

      "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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        I don't understand some of the reactions here. I'm super glad we won, but I can't be the only who saw us get really, really lucky. I pray Bruce is healthy enough to go next week because if Campbell starts we might as well hand the Niners their first W and not even show up. He came out and showed he is the exact same guy he was before, a checkdown artist. I saw him throw the ball downfield twice, and I think one of them came back because of a penalty.

        The reason we won this game had almost nothing to do with Campbell, it had to do with 2 blocked punts and 3 forced fumbles (pretty sure the fumbles were all in or near the red zone). You can't count on those plays every week, and without them we're looking at a blowout in the Chargers favor. We only had 279 yards of offense to the Chargers' 506, that will not get it done. Murphy was the only WR with a catch, and the majority of his yards were after the catch. We need someone who will throw the ball downfield and Campbell is not that guy. You'll have a hard time converting 3 and long when you check down in the flats. It might look pretty and efficient on the stat sheet, but it won't win many games.

        Again, I'm really glad we won and I'll take a W any way we can get it (especially against SD). I'm just really worried that Cable will start Campbell because he just happened to be behind center when we won.
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          Everything Cable has said indicates that Bruce is the guy if he's healthy.



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