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    I think the idea of Cleveland and Oakland swapping 1st round picks could happen, but I think that the picks would be made first. Detroit it too much of a wild-card to assume they won't pick Johnson before Oakland could at 3 (or Thomas, or whoever Oakland would be targeting).

    I think a possibility is Oakland picking Russell #1, waiting to see what happens with the #2 pick, and if Johnson is still there at #3, making deal with Cleveland to take him and then swap rights for a package of additional Cleveland picks.

    Similar to the Eli - Rivers swap.


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      Originally posted by ChefMike View Post
      That is very unfounded statement that its a 0% chance... Phil Savage loves JaMarcus Russell and has known him personally for a few years. He would love to get him. If he is not selected #1 overall then you can expect someone making a trade to get to #2 to get him...
      Everyone loves Russell . . . including the Raiders. It is wishful thinking to assume that Cleveland would trade its whole first day for him, which is what Oakland would require. It's even more unlikely with Quinn in the mix.

      I will concede that my original statement was too absolute. I should have said that there is just over a 0% chance of this happening. It seems that most teams at the top of the draft want to trade down . . . I just don't see anyone ponying up the picks to move up to #1


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        Originally posted by RaiderNation View Post
        why the hell would we draft lynch? we got rhodes and jordan. id rather have CJ then the extra picks
        Good point, RB is not a need for the first round.


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          absolutely awful scenario


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            1. we don't need a rb
            2. we don't need a db or you didn't see the last season, our dbs are young, hungry and already now one of "the best" in the league.(the oldest starter was asomugha 25years).damn they were incredible!!!
            our needs are at the OL(maybe blalock as 33rd pick) qb(maybe quinn or carr)who can help us at once and younger DL, maybe an end



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