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Raiders sign OG Cooper Carlisle

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  • Raiders sign OG Cooper Carlisle

    Solid addition to the OL. Veteran with ZBS experience.

    Cooper Carlisle will be at Invesco Field at Mile High for the Broncos' home opener this season. But he'll be on the other sideline ... in silver and black.
    Carlisle agreed to terms Thursday night to a two-year contract with the Oakland Raiders.
    The Broncos host Oakland on Sept. 16 in the second week of the season. Carlisle was a starting guard for the Broncos the past two years and likely will start for the Raiders, who mimic Denver's zone-blocking scheme. Oakland recently signed former Denver offensive lineman Cornell Green.
    Carlisle, 29, was drafted by Denver in the fourth round in 2000. The Broncos had an offer for Carlisle to return, but Denver is going to allow newly signed Montrae Holland and second-year player Chris Kuper to compete at guard. Carlisle visited Seattle, Tampa Bay and Houston before agreeing with the Raiders.
    "Cooper appreciated his time in Denver and everything they did for him," his agent, Frank Murtha, said Thursday night. "But it's time to move on."
    Defensive tackle Michael Myers is Denver's only remaining free agent.

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    Good pick up, wouldn't have minded seeing him in Tampa


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      He had a sub-par year last year but he's been good his whole career for the most part.


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        I have been trying to figure out what the O-line will look like and now with the singing of Carlisle and hoping we land Kalil at #33 I think this could be the starting lineup.

        LT- Robert Gallery, He deserves another shot at LT now in the ZBS.

        LG- Jeremy Newberry, From what I heard he can play both C and G, if we draft Kalil I would like him at guard.

        C- Ryan Kalil, This would be such a great pick.

        RG- Cooper Carlisle, Good pick up, will more than likely start.

        RT- Kevin Boothe, Played well at guard last season, but I canít help but think he would be better off at RT in the ZBS.
        Taking a Knapp.


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          Nice, especially for what we are trying to do.


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            I think this unit is going to surprise a lot of people. My optimism is starting to get a little out of control I think I need to go watch some game tape from last year.
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              I've heard of him, but I really don't know very much about him. I think he's a good fit for our system.

              Thanks to jackalope


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                Hes going to automaticlly start at guard.


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                  great news

                  This is such great news!!!!!

                  Sims is going to play though, either at LT or RT.


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                    Originally posted by Windy City Big Gamer Uno View Post
                    He had a sub-par year last year but he's been good his whole career for the most part.

                    stats look very solid.
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                      I think it was rotoworld that had him over Dielman as the second best FA gaurd this year.


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                        great pick up

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                          nice job kif! love it!

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                            I don't see how anyone, including Raider haters, can say that the Raiders have not made some smart signings this offseason. Hopefully this proactive thought process carries over to the upcoming draft.

                            It also certainly opens up rd2 for us if both Kalil/Staley are gone. I have no idea where we would go with that pick if this turned out to be the case....

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                              nice pick! he fits to our new OL sheme.
                              with that OL even Walter will get time to throw the ball to CJ!



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