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    Newberry Mini-Camp Q&A
    April 12, 2007

    Offensive lineman Jeremy Newberry took part in his first mini-camp as a Raider this week. After practice he spoke with the media at the Raiders facility in Alameda, Calif.

    Q: How did mini-camp go for you?

    Newberry: I feel really good right now. I did all the individual stuff and did the first team period and I feel really well.

    Q: How are you feeling about joining the Raiders?

    Newberry: Iím excited about the opportunity to play for the Raiders. The majority of my friends are Raider fans so I have a lot of people happy that I am wearing Silver and Black this year.

    Q: How are you feeling physically?

    Newberry: The knee that I had fixed two years ago is giving me no trouble and it feels fantastic. The other knee is getting better as I strengthen it. I am almost there but I have about another month or two before my strength is back all the way. I am ready to play. I will be there this year.

    Q: What are your thoughts about the Raiders offensive line?

    Newberry: There are a lot of athletic people. There are a lot of quick guys that can get to a gap. We can flat out move. This is the best group of offensive lineman that Iíve been around.

    Q: What does Lane Kiffin bring to this team?

    Newberry: The tempo of practice, running from drill to drill. That is what I am use to and it definitely works. I enjoy it. I love the tempo and what heís doing.

    just thought that these were interesting.
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    good to see hes happy here so far

    "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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      Newberry - "This is the best group of offensive lineman that I’ve been around."

      Wow, wasn't expecting that.

      Sig by fenikz! Cheers!
      Originally posted by Scott Wright
      Mr. Dukes comes from the Michael Irvin "talk loud and maybe people will think I know what I am talking about" school of football analysis.


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        It;s good his knee is rehabing.

        Thanks to jackalope



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